March 18, 2016

Golden Visitors: Cooper & CeeJay

I have a fun post for you today...especially if you love dogs. 
Get ready for lots of golden eye candy. 

Cooper, the newest family golden.
You all know how much I am in love with golden retrievers. And since our Mikey left this world a few months ago I have been having fun with my brother's goldens. He sends me cute pics, etc. I want to give you an update on Turkey dog Cooper, and of course his brother CeeJay.

Cooper and my brother taking a stretch after arriving at my house.

Not too long ago I shared the story of Cooper, a rescued golden (AGA, Atlanta) from Istanbul, Turkey. Cooper Comes To America

Cooper's glamour shot. What a sweetie!
This should be his passport picture!

Well guess who came to visit me the other day? Cooper and his older brother CeeJay! 

Cooper and his mom.

After they arrived I fixed a large bowl of fresh water in the laundry room...which they seemed to enjoy! Like visiting a water park! 

Cee Jay, nine years old, getting attention from my father.

Once the boys got settled in they began touring the house sniffing and checking out things. There were also lots of hugs and belly rubs.

Sharing the love...Cooper accepting attention from my father. 

CeeJay and his proud papa. 

I have learned to tell the difference in the golden brothers. CeeJay the Older has very thick curly fur while Cooper the Younger has thin, smooth flat fur.

CeeJay's glamour shot

We people had carry out pizza for lunch... with the golden boys circling the table for any possible crumbs. They have strict diets and were not allowed any nibbles. They had apples before coming to my house! 

Funny how one is up and one is down. Just like human kids.
They follow each other around all day!

After lunch the boys started slowing down a bit. See Cooper yawning above, and resting below. 

Here is a closeup of Cooper, about 4 years old. He is a beautiful dog and is adapting to his new home in this country...learning commands and hand signals. Remember, he did not grow up with English.

Their mom and dad report that Cooper is very laid back while CeeJay is a bit more active. Cooper will stay still as long as someone is paying attention to him, i.e. rubbing/touching some part of his soft silky body. Since he came from a shelter he probably needs the touching for security.

Cooper has been a great fit with his new family. He was abandoned to a shelter in Instanbul, so his story was not as tragic as those who were abandoned to the streets. Cooper is a calm, adaptable sweet boy. 

Cee Jay is in the back on the rug, 
and Cooper is in the front on the wood.

Here is a picture of both of them taking a short break. My sister-in-law has her hand under Cooper's leg and is rubbing him. That's how I got this picture. ha!

CeeJay getting sleepy. He is a nine year old boy.

After so much fun and visiting it was time for everyone to pack up and head back to my parent's house. It looks like both boys were trying to sit on the same spot in the suv below. They like to be close! 

Ok, Lets go! 

Their visiting made my day! Both boys are sweethearts for sure.

Of course it was nice to see my family too...but the furry boys are just so much fun. They turned the family visit into a party! 

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