March 1, 2016

Color Trend, Cobalt & White

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Hello everyone. I hope your week is off to a good start. We had wonderful weather in my part of Kentucky on Monday and I hope it holds out the rest of the week. 

I have a quick progress report for you today on my spring refresh efforts. I am so excited to share my find with you. 

As is usually my luck...I find something when I am "not" looking for it. If I set out to look for something - a dress, a fabric, or a pillow -  I usually do not find what I want. When you need can't find it!

Blue Tullahoma Ikat Fabric-
 I try to make sure that my colors all match in terms of value.

I  have looked in various stores and online for pillows. I was not finding what I wanted. So, I just put the pillow business out of my mind for a while. I needed to give it a rest!

Blue Ikat Fabric with Blue Chinoiserie Pieces.

Swavelle Mill Creek Ikat
Judging by my photos you have probably figured out that I found some fabric. Yes I did. I walked around the corner in Hobby Lobby and this all cotton drapery weight fabric just jumped out at me. 

Design Tip I read this week: Use only one bold fabric per room!
It was love at first sight. When I saw the shade of blue I knew it would work in my house, both with my Chinoiserie pieces as well as my wall color and wool rug. Bingo. The blue was spot on!

And the blues go together well.
This fabric is a wonderful blue...the color of a very, very good sapphire. 

The white of the fabric is an "ivory" white that is perfect with my white wing chairs. 

I did a little vignette on the floor to check my colors in the daylight. Perfect! 

 Here is a close up. 

I bought several yards in order to make pillows of various sizes for the sofa and two wing chairs. I want square as well as longer lumbar sizes. 

There is a large repeat, so I will have to work with that. (Recalling home economics classes of years ago.)

I will have to brush up on my sewing skills to make these. I also want some dressmaker details if I can pull it off. Of course I will show you when they are finished. But don't get in a rush. This will take me some time. :-)

Make sure depth of color is just right.
Put several items from the room together to double check that your colors work.

I was so excited that I found this fabric. Now I can move forward with my spring refresh activities. I just had to have patience that the right fabric/color would come along. 

And to think, I found this when I was not even really looking for fabric. That's the way it usually is with me. ha!

How about you all? Can you find "it" when you go looking for "it."  :-) 

Thanks for visiting. 

Post Script: Using Color in your house.
Picking your colors
I like to stay in the same depth of color when choosing for various rooms around the house. Pastels work together and bold colors work together. But having a pastel painted room next to a neighboring bold painted is something I was told to avoid. 

Of course everyone can do what he/she likes. Your home is about what makes you comfortable. But, this is a system I have used in my houses over the years...and it works for me. 

The color wheel above goes from pastel shades in the center to bold colors on the exterior. You can use this color wheel to help you with your colors.

For example...Find my fabric blue on the color wheel...then travel around the circle. Those are the shades of colors I should use. And for the most part I do. I really believe in this system!

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