March 30, 2016

A Farmhouse Style Burlap & Grapevine Wreath

Welcome to my front door!

Like many of you, I have been trying to add a few spring touches around the house. 

And one thing I like to do is to have a springy wreath on my front door. 

I have used the same pretty wreath for the last three years and when I went to the basement to retrieve it for this year I discovered that the afternoon sun had finally faded the flowers and ribbon beyond being pretty.  

I looked around here and there and found several pretty wreaths to replace my weathered one, except either the colors or the price tags made me hesitant to choose one.

So...what to do?  See if I could make my own wreath using some of the things in my stash. 

I know that mine is not florist quality...but I think I will like it for this spring. hardly cost anything because I used the grapevine wreath form and flowers that I had in the basement. 

I bought one roll of burlap ribbon and one roll of covered wire from Hobby Lobby at half off for this project. woohoo!

Let me tell you how I made my homemade wreath. 

The first thing I did was to wrap the wreath with the grapevine looking wire...several inches apart.  This tightened up some of the loose twigs.

Next, I gathered the stems I wanted to use and I wrapped the plastic stems with burlap ribbon to make a bouquet. I just did not like the look of the green plastic but I did not want to cut off the stems. 

Next, I used the wrapped wire to secure the flower "bouquet" to the wreath. By not using hot glue I can reuse the stems, etc. 

Next, I made a large loopy bow, then attached it to the wreath diagonally from the bouquet, using the covered wire.

Finally, I hung the wreath and straightened the flowers.

I cut the tails on the ends of my ribbon, just because I like them finished this way. 

Here is a detailed look at how I wrapped the stems in burlap. I just wrapped the wired ribbon and tucked in the end.

And the final product makes a happy looking welcome to my friends and family. The grapevine wreath is oval and kind of wonky in shape but It works just fine up in our woodsy neighborhood.

I hope my wreath idea inspires you to try to make your own. 

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