February 1, 2016

Winter Skin and A Recommendation

I know that this is a home décor blog, but I am going to step into the world of beauty products today. I have a recommendation for you.
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I love creamy body wash!  And for most of this year I have been using a Nivea body wash. It is really good...but then I discovered another one when my Walmart was out of the Nivea I usually buy. I had to go home with shower wash! 

After standing and looking at the dozens of choices (but none of my Nivea) I picked up a value size bottle of Oil of Olay Outlast Age Defying Vitamin E  body wash. The ad said it has a jar of cream in every bottle. Ok. Off I trot with a value size! 

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have used our new body wash since I brought it home. 

I love it!  

You know that tight feeling your skin has if you don't put moisturizer on right after a shower...well, I don't have that tight skin feeling.

This Oil Of Olay body wash is creamy and thick!

My bottle has a pump, because I bought the "value" size.  Just two pumps onto my wash cloth and I get a soothing, aromatic shower. It is not a girly fragrance...just pleasant. 

I asked hubby for his quick opinion. And he agreed that it was good. I switched him over from the manly products because they were really drying his skin. He will use whatever I put in the shower as long as it is not from a cosmetic counter. ha!

If you want a body wash with lots of moisture that does not leave you with tight dry skin, I highly recommend this one. Now, I can only hope it is there on my next trip to Walmart! I plan on buying a couple of more value size bottles! 

I know this sounds like an ad, but I have no connection to this product. I just wanted to share my great find with you all.  We all need moisturizing with the heat and cold weather! Actually, I need it in the summer too.


Olay Moisture Outlast® body washes penetrate surface skin layer by layer to improve the condition of skin over time.

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