February 26, 2016

White Shirt Style

I absolutely love white button up shirts! They are a staple in my wardrobe almost year round. 

I have no idea how many I have...but quite a few. Some are old and comfortable and some are fresh and crisp. Some are silky and dressy and some are sporty and durable. Most of my white shirts eventually become "jeans" shirts. 

A white shirt is at the same time timely, and timeless! Turn up the collar and you are as cool and relaxed as Kathryn Hepburn. Or pair your white shirt with dress pants and jewelry and you are ready for a night on the town. 

I ran across a fashion article on Chicos.com that reminded me that it is time to locate my white shirts and organize them in my closet. It's part of my getting ready for spring. 

I wear sweaters and such over the winter...but once the sun warms things up I am ready to switch to button up cotton shirts /blouses and cardigans.

I can wear a white shirt for Saturday errands or a Saturday date with hubby. It is such and easy outfit to construct. Accessorizing with jewelry, can take your jeans + white shirt up a notch. Just lots of fun for everyone. Whether you are 21, or 40, or 65, or 80...a white shirt works. Yay!

White shirts come in many styles and price points...so shop around or dig in your closet to get some ready for spring. 

Here are a few looks, styled by Chicos.

A crisp white shirt is age appropriate for everyone. It can be worn to the office, to lunch, or to school. (Though a retired teacher, I still think in terms of dressing for an academic environment.)

I also like to look at the new catalogs and see if I can pull together an outfit like one that is show. 

Like above, I have a similar white blouse/shirt that I can pair with black jeans/slacks or slim black skirt. Add a touch of leopard, some bracelets, and earrings...and ta da, a new outfit. 

It's kind of like cooking...you use flour, butter, sugar, but then if you add in a few extra ingredients you have a whole different cake.

It would be fun if each of you could send me a pic of your "white shirt" outfit. Each of you would come up with wonderfully different styles/looks. Some of you would have a dressy look with heels, and some of you would have a "rocker" look with jeans, and some of you might create a preppy look. 

Long story short...white shirts are so versatile! I love 'em. How about you?


Sometimes I forget what I have in my closet...and when I look at pictures, it jogs my memory.  

I used to clip pics out of magazines and catalogs...thinking hey, I have pieces like that. I can create that outfit. Now I use online pics and have a folder on my computer. I like the visual reminders of outfits that I can create. 

I remember that years ago I had a page torn out of a Lands End catalog. There were five or six articles of clothing at the top of the page. And below they showed all of the ways that those pieces could be combined. It turned into several outfits! That's my kind of style. 

How about you all, are you a "white shirt" person too? And why do you like them so much? Do tell. :-) 

Here are some links to more articles on Inside Chic, Chico's blog. 

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  1. I absolutely love your fashion posts. They are so fun to read. You have given me so many great ideas on how to turn my style up a notch or two. Thanks for the inspiration!


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