February 22, 2016

Trying Blue Pillows & Accessories in the Parlor

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Here I am, tinkering with colors and accessories in the house today. No surprise for those of you who have been following me for awhile. :-) Take a look at what I tried over the weekend. I am ready for spring and I had the time to play house...so here goes. 

I took all of the leopard pillows off of the parlor sofa and started playing. This is how I figure out if a decorating idea will work. 

I pile things here and there...move accessories, etc. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. ha!

The sun was out today... which put me in the mood for spring. Are you all ready for spring too?

I am wanting to bring more blue to the front of the house...so I thought I would try my new blue pillows and throw to see if that shade of blue would work. It's a powder blue. In some of my pics the blue looks aqua...but it is a soft blue.

I laid a pillow and throw on one of the white chairs. 
The blue is pretty on the white chair.

I laid the pillows and throw on the white sofa to see how that worked.  Again...pretty with the white sofa. I really like it.

But I am not liking this light powder blue with the cool blues in my Chinoiserie pieces.

This test is a fail in my mind. It happens. Decorating is a process of trial and error...so on to another idea another day. 

I though I would show you that not all of my ideas work. Bummer! The blues just do not work for me.

The pillows and throw will go back to the green master where they work so well. I will be looking for fabric or pillow covers with indigo, cobalt, navy, etc for the parlor.

The hunt will continue. That will be fun too.

See what I mean. Just not working. 

On the other hand, I am liking the coffee table collection. 
A silver lining to my efforts. 

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