February 28, 2016

Transition to Spring Decorating

Out with winter and in with spring!

The other day I went into the mama cave and gathered up the leopard pillows to put them away for the season... because I have decided that spring is on its way! Yes it is.  We have had a couple of days with sunshine and temps in the sixties...so I decided that it's spring!

blue transferware
Gold pillows provide a nice contrast to some blue and white accessories.
The soft gold fruit plays with the gold pillows and wall paint perfectly.
Repeating colors is a technique I use.

We could very likely have another snow, and some ice...but I need the mental reprieve from cold, dark, gloomy days. So, spring it is for me and my house. The weather will catch up with me at some point. 

My spring decorating goal for the mama cave  is to find blue and white pillows... but until then I decided to make do with some older gold pillows from my stash. The gold pillows repeat the wall color, and they add some needed color to the white sofa. I am using these pillows to make the transition to spring while I get a handle on my blue and white pillow project. (This will be like either a soap opera or reality tv. Not sure which at this point. But there will be fabric, sewing, and updates.) 

The gold pillows are spring looking, and like a touch of sunshine. And of course one change necessitates another one.  I brought in my bowl of yellow and gold tone faux fruit.

I added the green bottle to play with the boxwood.
I have not done that before, but I like the colors together.
Note also that the green bottle adds height to the vignette.

I should do a post on all of the places where I have used this one bowl. It is a decorating workhorse in my house.  It pops up all over the house.

Below is a look at the blue pillows I tried in the previous post. They went back to the master where they belong!

Color value is important when deciding if colors work together. 

You see, the powder blue was just not working in the parlor. I believe it comes down to color value. The deep cobalt, deep green, deep yellow walls, and dark oriental rug work together. The powder blue is too pastel.

collection of blue and white accessories
Navy Blue, Cobalt, and Indigo with white are very popular right now.
Those with blue and white accessories are in luck this season!

This little experiment shows that colors can fool you...I thought the powder blue would be fine. I thought that the powder blue would at least blend. Nope. Nada. Non. Non. Non. I love the blue in the master, so it will stay in there.

My time living in Provence instilled the love of deeper colors in me...yellows, blues, greens, lavender. I love them. I plan to look for some deeper blues for my parlor. 

Also...have you all noticed that navy and white combinations are all over the catalogs, stores, online? It should not be too hard to find something. Fingers crossed. :-)

Stay tuned for the continuing drama of "Pillows in the Parlor."

blue and white bowl with fruit

I am looking forward to Spring and more color!

How about you? Have you had enough winter?

Have you started your spring refresh? 

Do tell us what you are up to during this transition time period. 

(Inquiring minds what to know.)

Thanks for visiting.

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