February 4, 2016

The Blanket Emergency, Calling All Moms


This story is for all of you mothers and grandmothers out there. Maybe you have had this same mother/son moment before.

Our cute little boys grow up to be strong young men. And that is a good thing. But the snuggles and hugs wane over time. And the teenage years...don't touch me! But I am glad to say that my big son always gives me a big ole' hug every time he comes home to visit, and again when leaving.

Son came home with a headache one weekend recently, ...but I hoped he would feel better after the home cooked roast beef and potatoes. He seemed to do fine...until he got sick. I think the headache was a warning that something was brewing.
Sick Child Clip Art Clipart

At one point I was layering blankets and tucking them around him because he could not get warm. I am such a good tucker inner. I started up the EdenPure to blow warm air on the patient. 

I went back to my bedroom to do some things and then I heard my son calling "MOM, MOM." Then I heard hubby calling "Sheila, Sheila."  I get concerned thinking something horrible has occurred with one of them.

I ran into the great room to see what the emergency was!  At the same time each said something about putting the blankets back on son. Hubby said..."I can't seem to do it right." 

And this is when the angels sang! The trumpets blared! 
And my halo became visible!

My big bachelor son needed me to wrap him in blankets and tuck in his feet because I do it "just right!"  Not dad.  But mom!  You see, I have a magic way with blankets and quilts. (If only that were a marketable skill.)     :-)


The day after son (feeling better) said that this was the sickest he can ever remember being. I am glad he was home where we could take care of him...instead of being alone in his apartment .  

I don't know about you all, but when the kids leave home and do not need us as much...there is a feeling of loss. Like, what do I do with myself?

There is fun to be had. There are adventures to take. And the fact that you don't have to have dinner on the table every night is a bit of a relief. Ha! You can have dates with hubby. You can have girls day out. You can watch movie marathons or read for hours.

But...it is still nice that others cannot take care of our sick babies/kids/grown children as well as we can. 

Yes, mothers have a special touch that dads don't. And of course dads are better at other things. But when it comes to comforting a sick kid...call the Mom!

I still chuckle when I think of those two summoning me to the great room for the blanket emergency. (This was just a 24 hour thing...and he is just fine now.)

Of course I did not want my son to be sick...but I did get just a little bit of satisfaction that I could put blankets around my son better better than hubby/dad could. :-)  Don't think too badly of me. Ha!
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