February 15, 2016

Pearls & Etc.

Pearls and Southern girls go together like peanut butter and jelly.  I have been known to wear jeans, a blouse, and my pearls. I also wear jeans, cashmere sweaters and pearls. I am casual most of the time.

Spartina Debutante Necklace
Just like jeans...pearls go with almost anything in my world. From skirts and sweaters, to evening wear, to jeans...I wear my pearls with all of them.

I have precious pearls, very good pearls, and fashion pearls. Today I am sharing my very good fashion pearls, which are really just glass beads. 
This is my Spartina pearl set that hubby gave me for a Valentine's gift. (It was on my list of suggestions.) 

This necklace is three necklaces in one. There are some short strands that make up one part. There are some long strands that make up part two.  And when you put the two parts together you have quite the statement necklace. 

Long strand of glass pearls in various sizes.

It seems that we are in a "statement" necklace phase as fashion goes. I have admired so many on others but have been reluctant to get into the fashion jewelry for a couple of reasons. My skin reacts to base metals. 

I develop horrible contact dermatitis when I try to wear cheap metal jewelry. It started in high school when I would wear cheap little pierced earrings. After so much skin trouble I began wearing pearl stud earrings and small gold hoops, while my friends were wearing the cutest earrings. Now, I very rarely try fashion jewelry.

Short strand of glass pearls, opals, crystal, and mat gold chain.

Fast forward to now and the same thing is going on. I have been watching others wear the the prettiest fashion necklaces. You all have seen them out there. Everyone from college girls to newscasters are wearing "statement necklaces." 

Long + short = a pretty statement necklace.

I discovered a brand of fashion jewelry that does not cause a skin reaction, for me. The brand is Spartina, based out of Dafuski Island, off of Hilton Head. (A percentage of all sales goes to the local heritage foundation. So that's a good thing.)

The metal used in Spartina jewelry is coated with yellow gold or silver. The cost is reasonable and my skin does not breakout. Yay! Earrings begin around $15.00 and go up depending on how fancy you want to get. Same thing for their charms, bracelets, necklaces. They have lower and higher priced items. 

I experimented with buying a pair of their earrings from a local boutique to see if I would breakout. Yay! All was fine. No rash!  Now I have a few options when it comes to "fashion" jewelry. 

Thank you hubby for giving me this very versatile necklace! I will have fun putting it with different outfits.

P.S. After some questions about finding the Spartina pearls...
Here are links to some necklaces with pearls. There are more, including bracelets. I put "pearls" in the spartina search box and it said "none." That's silly because they have them...and lots of beads, and bronze pearl beads. Hubby had to find my necklace, The Debutante Necklace, at another online shop because Spartina online was sold out. So, if there is something you want google Spartina jewelry because lots of small ladies shops have them. They have warehouse sales at Hilton Head and Savanna...but too far for me to drive. ha!

Hubby found my necklace at The Lamp Stand out of Springfield MO.  www.thelampstand.com 

Here are some pearl necklaces and bracelets on the Spartina site. Enjoy browsing. 
bracelet... http://www.spartina449.com/jewelry-watches/bracelets/gem-pearl-drop-toggle-bracelet.html
Bracelet http://www.spartina449.com/jewelrywatches/bracelets/debutante-bracelet-8152.html
Bracelet in gold and silver... http://www.spartina449.com/jewelry-watches/bracelets/linear-pearl-bracelet-8154.html
Earrings http://www.spartina449.com/jewelry-watches/earrings/royal-drop-earrings.html

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