February 14, 2016

Love, Snow, and Cell Phones

We are spending this Valentine's Day snowed in. Yes...mother nature decided to blanket us in several inches of the white stuff once again.

We are fine. We have food, chocolate, and a warm house, for which I am thankful, ...and over six inches of snow as I type this. It's nice day to just stay home and watch movies, cook, etc.

My lovely old tree in the front yard never drops all of its leaves, so we have this pretty copper color all winter. 

I fixed my sweetheart a lunch of Italian sausage tortellini with veggies. I used the prepared Buitoni brand...and it has never let me down, no matter how I prepare it, or which fillings I choose.

While I was preparing lunch I was playing phone tag with our daughter as she was trying to make her way from Lexington to Nashville for a conference. (She has an in dash phone system.)

I became nervous when she told me that traffic was moving about 25 miles per hour and cars were starting to slide on Interstate 65. She made the decision, which we seconded, to get off of I-65 south at Bowling Green, Ky and get a room for the afternoon/night. 

She was only about an hour from her destination, but I was relieved when she called to say that she was checked into her room, and on a floor in the hotel with quite a few nurses who were being lodged there overnight. I am not sure if the nurses got off shift and could not get home, or if they were brought in early so they would be able to relieve the next shift. 

In any event, as the mother of a daughter I was happy to have her hotel hall full of nurses. I figured if daughter had an emergency of some kind (that a worry wart mother might imagine) nurses would be good to have nearby. It just seemed safer to me. Single girls and all of that concern. 

Don't get me wrong...I would be concerned about my son in the same circumstances, but a big guy and a big 4 wheel drive truck seem somehow less vulnerable out in the world than a cute girl alone on the interstate highway in her car. 

No matter how old they get...they are still our children! And we worry. Amen!

As I was cooking and trying to grab my cell phone I created this impromptu tech gadget. I have seen fancy versions...but I made this work. 

I needed to be able to see my phone on the kitchen counter and grab it quickly.  (And by the way...aren't moms the queens of multi-tasking.) 

Also, thank goodness for cell phones...so that kids and mothers can stay in touch when need be. 

Here's what I did...
I grabbed an extra-small plate holder out of a cabinet. I spread it out a tiny bit. Then put my phone in it. Ta da!  Necessity IS the mother of invention! It might look dorky to the young out there...but for me I could see my phone, talk on speaker, and still stir. 

My old iphone case has about had it...but it still protects my phone. At some point my phone will become obsolete and I will be forced to replace my old 4s. ha!

Next I will try my ipad in the plate holder! (I may need to use a larger one.) I use my ipad when cooking as I store lots of recipes in it. Maybe the whole world is doing what I just thought of...but maybe not. 

Now you know that you can use a plate holder to hold your phone or tablet. :-) 

It is supposed to warm up and rain tomorrow, so daughter will head on down to her conference, or make it back to our house.  

Just because they grow up, move out, and pay their own bills does not mean we stop worrying about their health and well being. 

Mother love. Father love. Parent love. Romantic love. Celebrate love y'all.  

Celebrate Love ! 

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