February 12, 2016

He Still Brings Me Roses

Hubby and I have been married for forty-three years, which when you do the math is quite a few roses.  

We got married a week after I graduated from college. He graduated the year before and had completed his first year of law school. We lived in Louisville while we both finished our post graduate education. Yes...we have been hanging around each other for years and years. 

It still makes me smile when I see roses appear in the house for Valentines. No matter how old we get or how many years we have been married...Valentine romance is always sweet. 

I did not waste any time in preparing the stems. I cut each stem on a slant, added the powder that is supposed to make them last longer, and arranged them in a pretty crystal vase that we brought home from a charity event years ago. 

To dress things up a little I grabbed a small ironstone platter to serve as a base for this sweet arrangement. I added a pink sparkly bow. And lastly sprinkled around some kisses wrapped in a pretty pink foil. 

Candles are always romantic!

I went to my linen drawer to get some pink napkins to carry out the pink theme. 

And look, the stripe matches my desert plates! 
A happy co-incidence.

I happened to remember that I purchased a pretty valentine tea towel after Christmas, so it joined the party. Look at the cute love birds.

I will keep this tea towel nice, because it is just too cute to get dirty. 

I hope that you and your "love bird" have a sweet Valentines Day. 

Yes, after forty-three years he still brings me roses.  And I hope for many more years to come.

He also brought my chocolates and an item of jewelry. He knows what I like! 

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