February 20, 2016

Fresh, Hip, New Lamps

We have had sunshine and temps in the sixties today!  What a mood enhancer!  I am ready to think of spring and all things  fresh and lovely!

OK, Let me show you my lamps today...

     I gave you all a peek at my new lamps in another post...but it was just a glance. I took some pictures to show you more of the details that spoke to me and caused me to bring these lamps home. 

It's just such a cute lamp! (I know that is a very broad reason, but really, cute is important. :-)

The gourd base is very popular right now, as is the straight shade. (I remember my grandmother having shades like this in her fifties ranch house.) But I have seen several of those and never picked one up. 

What prompted traditional ole' me to bring home some fresh, hip, transitional lamps? Why did I take a closer look at these cream lamps. Well, it was all in the details, and quality. 

The gold base of this lamp works with my old brass accessories...that's a big plus!

The harp and neck are gold toned...another style plus. 

The finial and crossbars of the shade are gold too. 

And...the lining of the shade is gold!  Having had shades like this before, I know that at night when the light is turned on there is a beautiful golden glow. The shade is opaque...so the light reflects from the top and the bottom of the shade.

I took this pic while I was double checking my purchase.
Note the lovely cellophane on the shade. 

Opaque shade lined in gold

I needed new lamps...as almost every one of my lamps, except for a couple of tiny ones in a bedroom, are from the eighties and nineties. Most of my lamps have the bell shape shades, so popular in traditional and English styles.

Here is one of the lamps in the parlor...and it is sitting on a tea table. 
Opposite styles often work together well. 
I love playing with opposites.

Several of my lamps suffered from being moved and stored. Cracked bases. Stained lampshades, etc. 

And after 25+ years, some of my lamps were dated. But I still used them because I had not seen anything that really spoke to me. 

That's not completely true, I saw plenty of lamps but they were very, very, very expensive. North of three hundred dollars is not where I want to go!  So...I just kept looking. 

These two lamps were cheap...49.00 each. But they were not cheaply made. And that is the trick to making less expensive items look great. 

This can apply to so many home accessories. Shop for quality...and keep looking until you find a "deal." :-) Don't forget, it's also about the thrill of the hunt. We are hunters and gatherers after all. That's what I tell hubby. ha!

I got two cute Nicole Miller lamps at such a deal! (Thank you TJ Maxx!)  As I was going to the checkout I was getting approval from some fellow shoppers. I appreciated their moral support. 

I could have paid so much more from online or department store choices. I have looked in Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, and online. They were more than I wanted to spend at this time.

Another plus is that these lamps can float around my house. And, if something should happen, not a big loss. But it is nice to have some cute inexpensive lamps to freshen up the house for spring. 

And if the cute gourd shape goes out of style...I do not have a huge investment like some of my other lamps. (I have a daughter and a grand who would probably like this pair of lamps for their rooms.) 

I have some old brass lamps that I paid a pretty penny for years ago...and whether their style comes or goes...I will have them for the long haul. 

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