February 17, 2016

Decorating "Refresh" in the Dining Room

I couldn't help it. I had to redo the china cabinet.
The all white was not working for me.I needed my blue transfer ware back for color. I had to bring back the blue plates! I left my larger white pieces alone and switched out the white plates in favor of my blue and white transferware dinner plates. 


Each plate is different and collected over the years. None are too precious. One of my grandmothers had Blue Willow dishes and mine remind me of hers. 

I feel better with my blue dishes back. 
I am such a visual person that when little things are not "just right " ... it bugs me.

If you turn around you will see something new on the lowboy. In fact, the tag is still on it as I confirm to myself that it works in my house, and in this spot. 

I am 99% sure that it will be staying in the house. These Nicole Miller lamps were a good deal, 
and I have been looking for some new fresh lamps for over a year. 

Some of my ceramic lamps cracked during moving/storage.  Plus my lamps are all really old. Some of them date back to the eighties and nineties. I know...I just have trouble moving out the old when it works just fine. ha!

It is hard to find just the right lamps.
You know how that goes. 

One is too tall. 
One is too short. 
One is too expensive. 
One is not quite the right color.
One has the wrong shape shade. Etc.

I am trying to interject a bit of freshness into my very traditional décor. 

I want to be careful to not let my home become dowdy because I don't pay attention to new styles. It is easy to let things slide, like with our clothing. 

I also like to buy things that can work around my house. Because you all know, I love to move things around the house. 

This set of lamps could work on a dresser also. I checked that out to make sure.

I like the white ceramic base for my house...but I have seen many gourd lamps in some wonderful colors. And I have liked most that I have seen. ha! I am so fickle! And I have learned that about myself. I have to be careful with my choices.

When I was walking to the check-out with my two matching lamps ladies were nodding in approval and telling me I picked out a couple of great ones. I have to tell you...that helped me feel good about the purchase. Plus I have the satisfaction that they were on sale. Always good!

The lamp shades are lined in gold. And the hardware and base of the lamps are mat gold, so they go with my gold and brass accessories.

It seems that the moon and stars aligned for me to bring this set of lamps home. I will show you where I put the other one in another post.

Thanks for visiting!

p.s. I am getting the scissors to snip the tags off. By the time you read this, the tags will be long gone.  

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