February 2, 2016

Changing Up the China Cabinet

One day a week or so ago when the ground was covered with snow I needed something to do. 

I needed to dust and clean the china cabinet so what better time than being held hostage (by 14+ inches of snow) inside of my warm house.

At one point I think about all of the china cabinet contents were on the dining room table. What a mess!  But, I was in the house and this was a project that was calling me. 

I have to admit that I had let the china cabinet become become a mess. I would pull out a platter or stack of plates and not put them back exactly as they should be. 

My dining room furniture is thirty+ years old which tells you that we keep things forever! The china cabinet is in two parts...and has survived its moves and storage very well. The table and chairs not so much! I'll just say, wood glue. ha! 

Back to the project...I dusted and wiped the glass shelves as well as the mirror backing. (How does all of that dust and haze get into a cabinet with doors?)

After the cleaning I decided to put my white plates, pitchers, platters in the cabinet instead of my wedding china and other colorful things. 

Except for my tureens almost everything in this china cabinet display was picked up for a song.

White plates from TJ Maxx at about a dollar each. Glasses from Marshals. Pitchers from here and there. Etc. Do you take "field trips" to these types of home stores?  Rhetorical question, I know. 

I pick up white things when I see a deal. I prefer porcelain or ironstone. 

I find that I tend to pull out and use the bargain stuff. If it chips or breaks...no big deal. 

I began by placing the plates for a backdrop. Then I placed my white pitchers on the top shelf. I worry about weight on the delicate glass shelves. So, I try to keep the lighter items up high.

Inexpensive white pitchers.
If something cracks, chips, or breaks...no big deal.
But they sure look pretty. 

My stainless steel tea pot.
Looks like silver, but not!
It is round like the sugar and creamer.
All from TJ Maxx!

One the second shelf I placed glasses, and other white table items. 

On the bottom shelf I placed the heavier tureens and a stack of plates. 

I am still thinking about whether I like this all white look in the dining room or not...but I will live with it for a while because it is too much work to change it all up again. ha! 

Another fun bowl from Marshalls, years ago. 

I included this pretty little candy dish in a corner of the china cabinet. It was a birthday gift from my mother many years ago. 

simple stemware for simple white plates
I love white dishes...but I also love lots of color! The china cabinet will remain white until I get motivated to change things. ha! Maybe in the spring. For now, I am enjoying the clean look.

I would love to know what you all think of the all white look. The jury is still out. :-)

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