February 6, 2016

An Ideal Husband...for Valentines!


Maybe you already have an ideal husband.  No problem, you can still join in. :-) I know, I'm being silly. Keep reading and you will understand.

What I suggest will not bother your ideal husband. In fact, you both might like An Ideal Husband

If you have fallen in love with Downton Abbey, and the witty dowager, I suggest that you might enjoy this movie/book for the Valentine season.

We colonists love the British shows for some reason. And An Ideal Husband showcases fine British humor and witty dialog. 

I don't really decorate for Valentine's festivities since I have no small children in and out of the house, but I do enjoy the mushy romantic side of the season. 

Last year hubby took hours creating a special playlist/CD for me. It was "slow dance" music from our dating years. I thought that was very romantic!

I love receiving chocolates and jewelry for Valentines as much as any woman! And hubby has showered me with both over the years.  

The celebration of all things "love" is upon us. Yes...The Valentine season is here, whatever that seasonal celebration might mean to you. 

I invite you to take a look at love and marriage à la Oscar Wilde. 

Mr. Wilde has an interesting slant on love, husbands, and British 19th century society in his An Ideal Husband.  In fact it is a rather humorous slant. The movie is even billed as a comedy.

If you have not read his An Ideal Husband you should. It began as a play. But the movie, ... the movie is wonderful in my humble opinion. 

Our family loves it. The dialog is British witty and funny. The actors are perfect!  The scenery and costuming is period correct. 

If you love the British period pieces, give this movie a try. 

Amazon has it. Or rent it for Valentines.

The official trailer...
2 minutes

Full movie...88 minutes.

Audio book...

Think Downton Abbey but with humor and witt.

For a professional critique of the movie, Roger Ebert says... 

As we leave the 20th century, there seems to be a powerful nostalgia for the British 19th. Every year brings three or four of these literate comedies (or melodramas) set in London. Life was more exciting when you were the entertainment in your own living room, and didn't have to watch it on TV.

A play like Oscar Wilde's "An Ideal Husband" works because it takes place in a society bound by inflexible rules and social inhibitions. Here is a story in which a marriage, a romance, a fortune and government policy all rest on such foundations as a man's obligation to act like a gentleman. (Of course he doesn't need to be a gentleman--that's where the story comes in.) In the play, an incriminating letter is sent, in the belief that it will never be revealed. Suspicions are aroused, but they don't inspire questions--because they involve matters it would be unseemly to ask of a gentleman. As long as everyone plays by the rules in public, they can be broken in private. But then an entire society is threatened by the willingness of one character to act as she should not.

I hope you like this suggestion. 

Make some popcorn, grab your ideal guy, and watch this movie. I hope you enjoy it.


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