February 10, 2016

Adding Blue to The Master Bedroom

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Hello everyone. I hope you are having a good day. We have cold and snow here in southcentral Kentucky. Another good day to do some projects in the house.  

Here is my latest décor project...with the shade of blue I am loving right now, light powder blue. If you look around online blues are really big right now. (I am working on another post with blues from designers.)

I used to have blues in the house, but with downsizing and all I somehow got away from the blues that I really love. I have kept my blue and white porcelain pieces out...but as for other uses of blue, nothing. Well, I am going to reintroduce them into my house. I will not be painting rooms, but I will be bringing in blue via accessories. 

Here is my first "blue" reveal. I hope this post inspires you to play with blues in your house. 

I made it through my self imposed "no spend" month of January! yay! But on the second day of Feb I took a field trip to TJ Maxx for a few minutes.

Hubby and I were meeting our son for dinner and we got to town early. So what to do to kill about thirty minutes? ...swing by TJ Maxx just down the road from the restaurant! :-) 

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to bring more blue into the house. I looked at pillows, sheets, and blankets in TJs. 

I could not seem to get the shades of blue to work. Some were too aqua, some too teal, some not the correct style.  You know how that goes.

I was leaving in defeat...until hubby noticed a blue throw. And he was correct...that is the shade of blue I am looking for in the master. 

It was a soft power blue. With the few minutes left I took the throw with me to the pillow aisle and gave the pillows one more shot. 

Bingo...the blues work together! I picked up the two  that matched. And the fretwork pattern on the pillows adds a fresh style. 

Ok spring...here I come. 

When we got home I placed the new purchases on the bed before pulling off any price tags. I always like to make sure that my "vision" actually works. 

Remember I am working with a white matelassé bedspread and  Sherwin Williams "hearts of palm" (green) walls... Plus I have several green pillows. Let's see how this goes.

This is a baby soft throw...I plan on using it a lot!

Pillows...chenille texture with fresh white graphics.
Throw...lots of texture with a basket weave pattern.

The afternoon light is slipping up on me by the time of this pic...so this picture of the wall paint is not completely accurate.

I really like the contrast of power blue with the dark wood of the bed. I think I am going the right direction with the blue.

I shopped the house for the two white jacquard fringed pillows, and moved the green silk pillows to the back. I like the white pillows backing the new blue ones. That works!

Now that I have these blues selected I can go forward. I have a blue against which I can compare other blue tidbits that I want to add to the room. 

I also want to find towels for the bathroom in the same soft shade of French blue. Now that will be the next challenge. Onward and upward. 

I was just stuck on moving forward with bringing blue into the master suite...until hubby spotted the blue throw.  

Yes...this room refresh all started with a throw. (Hubby can be very helpful when he tries! Thanks hubby!) 

If you spot my color of blue in a chain* store please let me know. (*Dillards, Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc.) 

Stay tuned for "As the Room Turns" this spring. 
New episodes will be made as supporting details are found. :-)

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