January 22, 2016

Winter Storm...Be Safe Out There!

Winter has finally hit Kentucky!

View from my back porch.

Mother nature teased us all the way through December! Then...boom!

We had unusually warm temps until January rolled around. Wham!

From my front porch

Be safe out there folks! There is a lot more winter to come. 

Many of you must drive to work no matter the weather. To you, please be safe.

The last of the summer plants

Many of you have adult children who must work, so they have to commute no matter the weather. Sometimes it may just be best to stay home and be safe. I know that those who provide essential services can't really do that. (Our son is one of those.) But be careful out there. 

The driveway is no where to be seen!
Just a few tracks from a brave dog.

One day this week our son-in-law was driving back to Lexington going north on Interstate 75. Classes at EKU had been canceled after he had already come in to work. On his way home, in the blink of an eye, something happened and his car went into a tailspin...whereupon his car crossed the median, and three lanes of oncoming interstate traffic going south. He landed on the shoulder of the road without a scratch to himself. The car...not so lucky. (But my dad always said about cars...they're just metal.)

Front yard view
My son-in-law said to me...I am still living only because the oncoming drivers saw what was happening and they had time to slow down. Let that sink in!  

I hope my boxwood survive. We have ice as well as snow.

AAA came to tow the car.  All is ok...except for having that scare. Daughter was beyond frightened. And I think son-in-law may have had the stuffing scared out of him. I'm just guessing.

I saw on Facebook that a family member was asking for prayers because her friend's husband was killed in a traffic accident in Lexington this week. Winter snow and ice are not a good combo for drivers.

View from the back porch...behind the wall.

Life is so precious. And it can end in an instant. Just be careful out there in the snow and ice. 

And this piece of advice too...I recently reminded my 80+ year old mother to not walk down the drive to get the newspaper or mail if it is slick outside. Let it wait. It is not worth falling and cracking a bone/hip/or skull. So, remind your parents!!! 

And one more reminder...

Please pack a "warm" box in your trunk or back seat along with your other winter safety equipment. (sand, old rug, shovel)

Pack a couple of blankets, extra heavy coats, an extra sweater for layering, hats, heavy scarves, insulated socks, and insulated gloves. Include some hand warmer packs too. Maybe even add an old pair of snow and slush boots. 

If you slide off of the road and have to either walk for help, or have to wait for someone to rescue you, you may be facing some frigid temps.  
I may be preaching to the choir...but a close call by a family member makes you think of the "what if" and "should have" things.  How many of you have reminded family to be careful out there on the snow and ice?  :-)

If you are in the path of this snow storm, be safe. Stay in. Sometimes we have to live like pioneers and stay in when the weather tells us to hibernate. 

Out in rural Kentucky we don't have plowed roads. Until the last couple of years we have usually had a huge four-wheel drive SUV. 

When gas prices shot up, and hubby did not have to make trips to town to sign papers/work, we traded down to a front wheel drive car. Ha! 

I wish I had one of those old trucks right now! And we even had a snow plow that fit onto the tractor. Those were the days!

Be safe out there folks!

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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