January 31, 2016

Waterlogue App Tutorial

Back by popular demand, Waterlogue. 

After my last post using watercolors of photos around the house I was contacted by some of you for a tutorial on how to use the app. All I can say is easy peasy. 

You can do this! 

First...this is an App. 

It is available for iPhone/iPad and for Android products. I just noticed today that there is a version for Windows 10. 

My experience is with using the app on my iPad. Google to find the Waterlogue website and find the download or go through your device.  

Once you have the app installed on your device you will proceed through a few simple steps. 

First...you need the photo of what you want to work with on your device. 

You will be prompted to let Waterlogue have permission to see your device photos. (If you use Facebook you have done this.)

Click on the Waterlogue icon on your device to open the program.

The slide you see below is how it will look.

You will click on the small camera icon lower left of the slide. 

You will need to grant permission to Waterlogue to have access to your device photos. 

In the slide below, note the white box that pops up. Click on Photo Library. Scroll your pics until you find the one you want to paint. Click on it. The process will begin...and it takes a few seconds for your photo to change into a painting. 

You can also view the various finish styles. Just click/touch the finish style you would like to see. The app will create a small preview in the corner of your screen. I if you like the new version better than the original...just click/touch it. The transformation will begin.  

Almost all of my pics stay with the original version, "vibrant." 

Here is a valentine that I created in Canva, another fun program. The edges are crisp and clean. I thought I would show you how it transformed applying the Waterlogue App. 

First...I choose the pic. It is uploading because you can see the whirling disk in the middle. 

I click on "vibrant."  And ta da...I have a new pic. 

Click on the very small heart on the bottom right of the screen to save.  

When I click to save the pic...it is sent to my pictures in my device, since I gave Waterlogue permission earlier. 

I always save my pics to my iPad...and then send....to Facebook, to Instagram, etc. or in my case, I upload some to my blog. 

Practice using the App with pictures of your house, garden, dog, cat, grandchildren, etc. I like to transform all kinds of pictures. It is just so much fun, for me! Cheap thrills! At least cheaper than shopping,etc.  

Quick Review....

Here is one that I made at Christmas time. I like the original photo and thought it would make a nice still life painting. 

Botanicals are fun to work with also. 

I hope you have fun painting your special photos!

I know that there are other image editing apps out there...but this is the one that I use and can explain to you. 

If you have other App suggestions to try please leave a comment with the name of the app. 

Thanks for visiting.

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