January 5, 2016

Tips for Organizing Your Life in 2016

Here we are...in 2016. I can't believe how fast time is going. Maybe it has something to do with my age. :-) But really...time is flying. 

So, Resolutions. Have you set some new ones for 2016? Or are you like me...not big on setting rules to live by in a new year. 

I really have not been keen on setting new year's resolutions, but I do think about things I would like to do differently in the new year. 

Like many, I am thinking about getting in better shape. Not for a bikini, mind you, but for better health, and longevity! 

I eat healthy enough, but I am not a mover! And I am carrying around several extra pounds. Did I hear someone say "Amen?" 

I need to move more in 2016. Yes I do. I have my fitbit on today. I have been doing laundry, going back and forth from one end of the house to the other picking up things and putting them where they need to be.

This is day 1. I have not had a single treat. I have had three glasses of water infused with orange and lime slices. (really good flavor) It is a start. One day at a time, right. 

I will try to be accountable to you all, and maybe even motivate a few of you to move more along with me. I am no athlete...and we will have really cold weather this January and February, so I have to figure out how to overcome those issues. 

I am also one of those people who needs her environment to be neat, tidy, clean, etc...so that my mind feels neat, tidy, clean. ha! Since I am such a visual person, my surroundings really affect me. Anyone else like me out there? I just feel better when things are in order, when the colors on my walls are just right, and when the pillows are nicely plumped.

Since this is mostly a "home" blog let's look at what we can do in 2016 for our houses, as well as ourselves. 

You may remember that I have a new friendship with Modernize.com. Here are some suggestions from them on things we can do to help us get started off on the right foot this month. I hope you enjoy their suggestions.

Organizing your life 
Resolutions. Setting goals at the beginning of a new year can be really inspiring, and yet somehow they always seem to be a thing of the past by February. But if you’re serious about staying disciplined this year, the key to keeping your resolutions is to break big goals into micro goals and plan steps to achieve success. Here are a few tips from us at Modernize to organize your life in 2016.

Spring for New Year Cleaning
The new year is the perfect time to start over. If clutter has been piling up all year, it’s time to sort through it all and give away what you don’t need. An organized home leads to an organized mind, and you’ll find that once you eliminate the excess, you’ll be much more able to focus.

via Apartment Therapy

Overwhelmed with how to start? Grab three buckets with lids, and mark them “keep,” “donate,” and “sell.” 

Donate the stuff you don’t need anymore, and bless a family for the new year. 

Then, host a garage sale and make a bit of money off your unused items. That money can go toward a shelving system for your closet to organize your shoes, or a new entertainment center to store all of your Blu-Rays.

Once you’re just working with the “keep” container, you’ll find that it’s easier to find a place for everything.

Take Advantage of Online Storage

via HGTV

Do you have a ton of files you need to recycle but don’t really want to shred? With a variety of online storage services from iCloud to OneDrive and Google Docs, you can easily keep all of your personal files in one safe place.

Google Docs is a great way to organize medical forms, budget spreadsheets, notes, and homework. You can create as many folders as you need and easily move files around. Whether you scan in a PDF or create a new document or spreadsheet, this service is free and easy to use.

Every year, a new list of best-selling organization apps is released. Check iTunes or the Android app store for the highest-rated note-taking and file-storage apps. These will help you stay organized on the go, whether you’re in the grocery store or a meeting with your entire department.

Maintain a Productive Work Space
Whether you work in an office or at home, keeping your workspace clean, comforting, and positive is key to productivity. When designing your home office, choose colors that help you concentrate like green, or colors that are proven to have a calming effect, like light blues and purples. Add a fun accent color for a pop of energy to boosts your spirits during the bleak winter days.

via Modernize

If you work in an office, find ways to personalize your workspace. Whether you want to incorporate photos of all your loved ones or incorporate a personalized mouse pad, small and personal touches can keep you happy and remind why you’re working so hard.

And as mentioned before, a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. Use magazine racks, small decorative boxes, desktop organizers, and calendars to keep your office space working for you.

Organize Your Social Calendar
If you work, work, work and never have time to play, you’re going to get burnt out. Lack of motivation can lead to procrastination, and pretty soon everything needs to be done at once.

Set time aside for social activities. If you love to read, start a book club. If you have a newborn, treat yourself to a mother’s day out. Websites like Meetup can help you find people who share your passion, whether it’s playing the piano or underwater basket-weaving.

If you already have a close group of friends or a large family, be sure to plan social events in a variety of places, so the pressure doesn’t always fall on you to have a clean and tidy home. Try something new like rock climbing, or go for soothing sounds at a jazz club.

Need a way to keep your appointments organized? Join the planner craze. Planners are becoming increasingly popular for teachers, mothers, businessmen and businesswomen. No matter your profession or social obligations, a paper planner can be an effective method for keeping it all at a glance. Planner stickers can make the process of filling out your planner something you look forward to.

via Erin Condren

You can also use your phone as a planner, whether you use the basic calendar function or would rather an app. If you work well with to-do lists, websites and apps like Wunderlist can make life a lot easier.

The Big Picture
Getting organized for the new year is more than just sorting through your possessions. Organizing your living spaces is essential, but it’s also essential to focus on the other, and sometimes more significant, parts of your life. Creating a balance is the objective when it comes to any kind of organization, and reminding yourself to check in on your goals can help you keep your New Year’s resolution. End.

Here is a really neat idea for organizing your coffee, tea, cups, etc. into a serving station. I really need to organize my K cups, tea bags, and mugs.

coffee bar
                                 via Bower Power Blog and Modernize

 Did you catch that above? ...a cluttered space makes a cluttered mind. That is soooo me!  I have to straighten up my house and files in order to straighten up my mind! Like I said...this is Day 1.  I also think that moving more will help my mind be clear too. Mind. Body. House. Life. Day 1.  

Many thanks to Modernize for some great ideas. I really needed to read these. It helps me focus and get on the right path to decluttering my house and my brain. 

Thanks for Visiting! And...Happy New Year!
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My Kentucky Living

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