January 21, 2016

Stylin' with Scarves

I love scarves about as much as I love pillows and pearls!

Some of my scarf collection.
I love cashmere scarves in the winter and silk scarves other times. 

Talbots Sweater and Scarf with DC Train Station Pearls. 

I think my love affair with scarves began when I lived in France. I noticed how French women draped them around their necks. Casual, but so, so stylish. 

Chicos blouse, Talbots cardigan sweater, inexpensive scarf, and train station pearls.
I also noticed that French women might not have that many scarves...but the ones they had were exquisite designer ones. (I am talking fashion house quality.) It was like they had a signature scarf. 

Of course given the price of a nice French designer scarf most of us could only afford one or two. I remember that I brought my mother a nice French scarf when I returned home.

UK Hospital Gift Shop, 2015. Acrylic. 

During the colder months in Provence I noticed the that the French women, and men, wore long woven scarves. And before long we American students were wrapping our necks with long scarves. Today it is fashionable in the USA to wear long scarves draped around our necks, for all seasons. Funny how long it takes for European style to make it to us in the U.S. Ha!


Fashionable scarves are available at almost any price point, so we can all play with scarves! Yea! I have designer cashmere as well as rayon and silk. 

Size, shape, color, pattern, and fabric all come into play when I find a scarf. And...most of my scarf purchases are impulse buys, like pillows. :-) I have so many scarves that I should not ever need to buy another one...but, well, there is always one more that tugs at me it seems. 

One of my large scarves...a mix of wool and acrylic. 
From Belks I think.

I have square scarves...large and small.
I have silk scarves, that usually have the best colors. And I have a few cashmere scarves that I wear in the winter with wool coats, leather jackets, and puffy coats. 

A soft cashmere scarf is always in style during the cold months.

Yes, this one is the real deal. It is what it looks like. ha!
It was a Christmas present from hubby several years ago. 

I tend to like colorful scarves...and I also go for scarves with black backgrounds. I wear so much black...skirts, pants, sweaters... that many colors go with my outfits. I am a fairly traditional dresser...but I go wild with scarves. (Don't over analyze it. ha. There's probably a psychological message in how I dress.) 

I keep my winter scarves in a chest with my various pairs of gloves. It makes it easy to mix and match that way. I keep my other scarves in a storage cube in the bedroom...close to my other clothes. 

Taking inventory of some of my cold weather scarves.
It is really cold outside in my neck of the woods. We had a huge snowfall a couple of days ago and we are predicted to have another winter storm move through. If you are outside be sure to dress in layers and take precautions to keep your head, hands, and feet warm.

I found a graphic from scarves.net that gives us some ideas about how we can tie our scarves.

Pull out a few of your scarves and try some of these looks. Also...I have seen videos on youtube somewhere that you can also checkout. 

Ideas from Eileen Fisher

Ideas from Neiman Marcus

Ideas from Coldwater Creek

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