January 25, 2016

So Much Blue, and I Love It All

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Hey everyone! Those of you like me who were in the path of the monster snow storm probably have cabin fever. I know I do. Wow. We had a significant snow fall last week then we had the monster snowstorm on Friday. It was crazy!

I had a lot of time on my hands, being housebound, so I was researching shades of blue.

I want to add more blue to this house. 

I love most shades of blue. In fact my blog redo reflects my love of French blue. (a carryover from my days in Provence and the pale blue shutters on our house.)  

Blue exists in shades from almost grey to almost black to almost green. And I like most of them!

There was a time when I had a lot of blue in my house. That was when we lived at the farm, and even previous houses. 

In my early days of marriage one of my first purchases (after we bought our first home) was a set of blue wing back chairs. Those are long gone.

When we built our Georgian I had blue in our garden room, son's room, and then later in our formal dining room. I painted it navy blue, and had navy blue floral chintz window treatments made.

I began with blue and white in my life when we picked our wedding china. Navy and white! 

It stayed in storage while we were finishing grad school. I remember being so excited when we finally had a house and a dining table where I could use my china and crystal. 

I have never lost my love of blue. But I have not used blue very much lately, except for blue and white china pieces. 

After seeing so much blue online and in magazines of late I am trying to figure out how I might incorporate more blue into my house again. Keep in mind that I do not want to do anything huge...but I want add a few small touches of blue here and there.

I am not ready to paint any rooms blue, but I am considering adding some blue to the master bedroom's green. I have a light blue-ish lamp in the room, that is all I have in blue. ha! 

The master bath could then co-ordinate with light blue towels. Small additions of blue might be just what I need to satisfy my desire for blue. The blue that I am in love with right now is a shade of light french blue. 

the grey side of blue

There are so many shades of blue out there. Truly, something for everyone! 

I hope you enjoy these inspiration pics. I saved them in a file...and decided to share them with you. 

 2016 HGTV Dream Home

The next few pics show some bedrooms with blue. We painted a blue bedroom in our very first house...but it did not look as cute as these.

Better Homes and Gardens Online

By the way...one of the 2016 Pantone colors of the year is Serenity Blue. Light blue will be big for 2016 it seems.

Better Homes and Gardens Online

This one may just be my favorite blue bedroom. I like the darker wood tones with the lighter shades of blue. So Pretty!

Better Homes and Gardens Online

The next few pics show some of my "blue and white" collection. I love that I can use my various blue and white pieces in almost every room of the house and they "fit in." I could add a couple of pieces to the master bath and bedroom.

Always fun to discover a new color combo that they complement. From orange, to yellow, to green these pieces of china make a nice traditional statement. 

I still love blue! 

How about you all? 

Do you use blue in your house?

Sherwin Williams, Hearts of Palm in master bedroom

I am thinking of towels in the shade of blue below. And maybe a couple of throw pillows in blue also. I will be looking to see what I can find. 

These things take time...but maybe by spring I will have some touches of blue in the master area. 

Bea flower wall sculpture $26 VIA Home Decorators Collection

How many of you remember how big blue and green were back in the seventies or eighties. I can't remember which decade it was. ha! Styles just roll back around every so often.

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  1. Really pretty rooms, Sheila!
    I've been drawn to blues again this year (2017) and I haven't for years now. Recently, I found four flow-blue Liberty Blue china plates with Independence Hall on them, plus another ironstone plate with a blue pattern of birds swirling around on it while thriftshopping out in our old homestate of California.

    A lovely post,
    Barb :)


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