January 20, 2016

Project Remodel the 90s Bathroom

Let's try this again....The first post this morning did not make it to everyone. And some of those who did get the post could not get it to open.

Yes, a few glitches. If for some reason there is still a problem with the "bathroom remodel" post... just click the link here. http://www.mykentuckylivingblog.com/2016/01/project-remodel-90s-bathroom.html

Here is the project that my daughter and I have worked on since Christmas. I will invoke the royal "we" on this project, but I did not furnish any labor. ha! I have been working with the HGTV Sherwin Williams Paint folks and since my rooms have been recently painted (3 years ago) I asked if they would be interested in sponsoring a bathroom project at my daughter's new house. Here is the rest of the story.

Project, “Remodel the 90s Bathroom” This is a sponsored post by  HGTV Sherwin Williams Showcase Paint. Paint for this project was provided by HGTV Sherwin Williams @Lowes

My daughter and son-in-law, still newly marrieds, just purchased their first home back in October.  They were originally looking at much older homes (sixties ranches) for character, style, etc. I believe that after they saw how much they would have to do to rehabilitate a very old home...they decided to look at "newer" homes.  This newer nineties house got an "A" from the home inspector, so that was a relief. All the house needed was some updating of finishes. (Insert mom comment: Whew!)
Since closing on the house in Oct they have been busy with personalizing the home to suit their own preferences. 

The fact that they have day jobs means that they are into DIY on the weekends, nights, and holidays. They both work for large universities...though not the same ones, and having a academic calendar can help some. 

Daughter is in communications and marketing while SIL is a professor. Both have very demanding professions so, like the rest of the working world, they squeeze in the house jobs when they can.  
Our 11 year old (step) grand has even learned to do a few little diy jobs. (She actually installed her own new bathroom door knob!) Let's hear it for "Girl Power!" She just read the instructions. 

All three are learning lots going through the updating of their "nineties" house.  
Today I am bringing you the guest bath update. 

It is our grand's private bathroom unless there are guests in the house. ha!  At which point she refers to it as the "public" bathroom. (Ah, eleven year old divas! ha!)

Long story short, this nineties bathroom has been brought up to this decade with some "simple" updates. Labor intensive, but still simple updates! 
The first stage of the update was to remove the nineties vinyl wallpaper. It was a greyish and pinkish mix of color with a faux painted look. Daughter and I both agreed...it had to go! 

Nineties vinyl wallpaper! It had to go!

She remembered helping me remove wallpaper from her childhood bathroom...pink with white dots. ha! It was a rough go. Now twenty-five or so years later she still remembers that painful wallpaper removal.  But, she got lucky with this paper!

Daughter sent me an email with the following report:

Well, good news. 

The wallpaper pulled off in big vinyl strips, with no little bits clinging to the wall. It's a vinyl backed with mesh, no paper backing, and it came off cleanly. Now we just have dried paste on the walls. 

A remover spray I bought at Lowe's is taking it off nicely. We're working in sections spraying, waiting 15 minutes for it to dissolve, then scrubbing with a rough sponge and water. 

We didn't have to break out a paper tiger or resort to peeling little bits off with our fingers.

There are some dents that "B" is going to spackle before repainting. 

So far this is the easiest wallpaper take-down I've done. 

Nineties oak vanity which will be receiving a dark stain soon.

The paint color changes depending on the light.

Glass shower doors were also removed as part of this bathroom update. 

Miss "S" did not like them, nor did anyone else...so off they went. 

I was told that it was a matter of removing a few screws and taking the unit apart. They donated it to Habitat. The screw holes were filled with a fiberglass caulk...and then there was quite a bit of scrubbing off of caulk and grime from under the metal door framework. 

Looks great now and our diva Miss "S" likes it much better with a shower curtain. 

Daughter wanted to go with a fresh white shower curtain and fluffy white towels with the grey paint. They now have a nice crisp, clean  updated look.

SIL installed new towel bars, tissue holder, shower rod, switch covers, and a new light fixture for over the vanity. They chose a brushed nickle finish...because they will be installing a new brushed nickle faucet too. 

While the style of their new home is fairly traditional they are decorating it with a more modern style. They are replacing old brass light fixtures and brass door knobs with fresh new ones. 

Their furniture purchases are new, but somewhat retro. Their new sofa reminds me of a long fifties style that my grandparents had. But the new one is a pear green. You know...everything comes back in style at some point. ha!

My daughter says that they have considered replacing this older vanity, but for now she plans to sand it down and stain it a darker color to match an over the toilet storage cabinet for Miss "S." 

After all, girls need a place for lip gloss, lotion, cologne, bows, and headbands! I think most of us agree that girls, no matter the age, just need more space for their "girl stuff." 

Thoughts from my daughter about the HGTV Sherwin Williams paint from Lowes, 

"The Aviatrix color is sophisticated, and provides a nice neutral slate that allows white towels or colors to pop against the clean background."

Thoughts from my son-in-law ( who did all of the painting) about the HGTV Sherwin Williams paint from Lowes
 "It covers well, is thick, and goes on nicely." We used three coats to be safe.

And the last part of the update is to install a new tile floor. The current floor is vinyl. They are not going to diy this update, but rather find a professional. Mom agrees!

The paint was provided at no cost:  HGTV Sherwin Williams Showcase Paint, semi-gloss, in Aviatrix.  

All other project products are from Lowe's and paid for my the homeowners.
Thank You to HGTV Sherwin Williams paint for sponsoring this post by providing the paint. 

I wish to report that we have snow in south central Kentucky. I am not sure how many inches, but it is thick. And...it is still snowing! 
We live on a small hill, and our driveway is dangerous when it is slick outside...so I will be staying "in" today. 
I finished the details on this post and thought I would go ahead and send it. 

Many of my Kentucky readers may be home...as lots of school has been canceled today. From the look of things there will not be school tomorrow either. (We have to cancel school in the the hilly parts of the state because school buses cannot manage those crooked, hilly roads. Just too dangerous.)

Thanks for visiting! 

If you are snowed in today, stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy nature's pretty snow. 

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