January 16, 2016

A Painted Chest in the Corner

Welcome to a corner of the master bath today. 
I am sharing something special with you...my hand painted table. 

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Oh how I wish this were true for me. Most of my things have a place, but the lady of the house often does not put things back in their "places." 

New year, new efforts to improve. 

When we lived in the Georgian we had his and her sections in the master bath area. It was wonderful. I had a nice long vanity with a sink on one end and a makeup counter on the other end. 
Well, you know the story. We downsized! 

I had to figure out where the girl stuff would would go. 

I have a gorgeous hand painted decorative chest that came with me from our previous house. This is one of those pieces of furniture that I was determined to find a place for in the downsize. 

I had an empty corner of the master bath that was just the perfect place for my chest. I was concerned about shower steam and the paint...but we flip on the exhaust, and I just hope for the best. So far, so good!

A few days ago things did not look so great here. I had tubes of lipstick, velcro rollers, ponytail holders, hair brush, hangtags from new things, etc. Oh, I am pretty sure there was some dust in the mix also. ha! 

My m.o. is to get dressed, fix my face (as my grandmother would say) and then leave the bath area and go on about my day. At night I would walk in and go "Ugg!" 

Finally, a few days ago I decided I was tired at looking at the mess on my dressing table. The time had come to get serious and follow through on a new mindset. Clean and clutter free...!

The top drawer is my "make-up" drawer and the bottom drawer is my "hair" drawer.  I took the makeup drawer and put it on the floor, then emptied all of the contents out onto the floor. I bought some clear shoe boxes from the dollar store with the idea I could contain my mess. 

Well, the plastic shoe boxes were about half an inch too large. Not to be outdone, I looked for some of my dress shoe boxes, most of which I discarded last winter in another "clean out" session. I found three and lined them up in my drawer. Perfect. 

I put small plastic baskets into two of the boxes to further divide my stuff. Lipstick in one. Lip pencil in one. Eye liner in one. Eye shadow in one, etc.  I am about to discard the eyeliner and eye shadow. (Older eyes and eye makeup don't always look good together. Another midlife change I have to get used to I guess!)

I have trotted around the house feeling soooo accomplished from cleaning out one drawer. ha! Imagine if I clean and organize the rest of the drawers in my house. Oh la la!

I now have a nice clean table top and tidy drawers. 

The aqua green of the chest does not go perfectly with my wall paint. But that is the type of thing I have learned to "roll with." 

Here is a photo of the shower curtain that I made last year to help distract from the metal door frame. We have a large fiberglass shower with sliding doors. Pretty standard because this house was not a "custom" build. Oh I have ideas though! :-) 

When we purchased this house it was with the understanding that I could tweak it into a custom over time. We had built three houses and we were not up for another build if we could find a house we liked. 

We felt that this one would work just fine for us, with the changes I wanted. And the neighborhood is wonderful. Like they say in real estate...location, location, location! "-) 

I made the long curtain to dress up the bath and distract the eye from the sliding door frame. I have taken a standard bath and tried to dress it up. It's in the details. The palm tree towel came from the Hilton Head house. I still have a few beach themed things here and there. 

The mirrors are from Ballard Design...about three years ago. 

The faucets are new (Delta) ...because the ones that came with the house were not pretty at all. And some dripped.  Oh how I would love to pull out this vanity and have something custom made! One thing at a time. :-) 

I have visions of subway tile on the walls and a nice marble vanity top. Think "spa." :-) A girl can dream, right!

Right now, I have many more drawers to clean and organize. After that, the master closet will have my undivided attention. 

(The master bath wall color is Sherwin Williams, Hearts of Palm. The lights and computer screen change how colors look. But this is a wonderful green.) 

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