January 27, 2016

Cooper Comes to America

We have an addition to announce! 

Not at our house...but at my brother and sister-in-law's house. 

Let me tell you the story...

CJ lost his golden brothers this year.

At seven, CJ was the was the youngest, 
and the only golden boy left in his house.

You all know that our family is crazy about dogs in general , and especially golden retrievers.  Once you have one...you are hooked on their gentle and loving personality.

Well, this last year has been full of tears and heartbreak with our Mikey, and two of my brother's golden rescues. We had to say good-by to all three of them.   

All three dogs reached their senior years and their individual health situations made us realize that they had done enough. They had run after all the butterflies and rabbits they could. They had fetched their last sticks and tennis balls. They had been steadfast companions as long as they could. They had done their jobs. It was time for a rest. 

My brother volunteers with AGA. (Adopt a Golden, Atlanta)  AGA has been involved in mercy flights for goldens that were abandoned to shelters or to the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. 

Istanbul Shelter

A caring woman in Istanbul is the contact person...who helps facilitate the dogs getting ready to come to America (i.e. Atlanta, GA)   Each dog has to be photographed and given a passport before it can be approved for the flight.

Let me back up a minute to mention how these goldens got into their sad situations. It seems that in Instanbul  goldens were viewed as status dogs for a period of time. When people tired of them... they abandoned them to the streets. The feral street dogs were too rough on them. The survival of the goldens became questionable in such a "survival" of the fitest situation.  

In comes AGA and people willing to sponsor a golden's coming to America.  I have lost track of how many dogs have come here...but I am thinking close to one hundred by now. 
Some of the dogs arrive in desperate health conditions. They are provided with surgery, treatments, meds, etc. to make them healthy. This where the donation dollars come in. 

As the title of this post suggests...there is now a Turkey golden in the family....at my brother's house. 

Meet Cooper!  When he came to America he had a Turkish name, Baris,  and was given the name Clarence, but after adoption my brother and SIL decided he was really a Cooper.   

Cooper is estimated to be three or four years old. He was lucky...he was taken to a shelter instead of being abandoned to the streets. He had food and shelter that the street goldens did not have. 

 Here is his passport.

Prayer beads were sent along with him. All God's creatures!

This is Cooper's first day at his new forever home. 
CJ has a new brother and a new buddy to run and play with now.

Cooper is the darker golden and CJ has thicker fur. 
That's how you tell them apart. It is hard for me...but I am learning.

It looks like they are winding down in this pic. 
They have had a big day...so it's time to take a rest.

Cooper has a very distinguished profile.

Here is Cooper all curled up with one of his new parents on the first night with his new family. He looks peaceful. 

And here is CJ at his special spot. 

 What is it about goldens that they like to rest their chin on everything? Our Mikey was the same way.

Cooper migrated to the floor to rest/sleep at the end of his big day.  He has a new big brother to keep an eye on him.  

Cooper has been in his new home about a month now, and my brother reports that CJ and Cooper get along just fine. 

This picture was taken one day recently. It looks like they are bonding nicely. I have seen other pics and they sleep resting on each other. A leg this way or a tail that way. ha! 

I wanted to bring you this "golden" story to warm your heart. 
I know that many of you are animal lovers...so I thought you would enjoy Cooper's story. 

I have asked my brother to send me new pics from time to time. I will put them on the golden "page" tab above. 

Thanks for visiting...and meeting our new family addition.
Post Script: Here is the facebook page for the AGA Turkey Goldens if you want to follow along, read, or look at pics of goldens.

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