January 10, 2016

A Black and Gold Trayscape

After we clean away our Christmas decorations I have to figure out how to redecorate my rooms. The items that were on tables and in corners have been moved and sometimes I cannot remember what I had on the table before Christmas. ha!  

What to do?

I just started over with mixing my accessories. 

For me that means rethinking my vignettes/trayscapes. 

I have been a little slow in getting started with my post-Christmas decorating this year.  

Today, ...I played around and created this look for the wicker chest that's working as the coffee table these days. 

You all know that I love trays, and that I like to use them when creating vignettes.

Our great room is a big masculine room that I find challenging to decorate. I do this and I do that, yet sometimes I don't feel I have the room just right. 

I decided to go with an old brass and black look...since those are some things I already have.

I am in a self imposed "no spend" phase for January...as are some of my Instagram friends. I am wondering who will break down first. ha!

Back to the tray...

This is the same tray that was on the trunk during Christmas. 

I had a large black lantern and pine sprigs covering it so you may not have noticed. 

The tray is a fifteen dollar deal from HL. Can you believe it?! It is wood with a distressed black finish. 

There was a smaller size and I kind of wish I picked up that one too...so I would have a set. But I was trying to be conservative. I have enough "stuff" as it is. 

I added an old (circa 1980s) oriental brass bowl. 

Then I placed some pears into the bowl, and gathered other old brass finished items to carry the black and gold theme. 

The brass ginger jar is another eighties treasure. 

I added candlesticks and ivory candles...but the candles were not working with this dark vignette.

Then I swapped out the candles for some boxwood balls, and voila! 

I tried my brass pineapple, but it was too short. 

This is better. 

A few books to browse...and my little eighties pineapple. This works.

Those of us who have had homes for years have a collection that has built up over the years. I am someone who keeps things. And maybe for too long. 

One of the nice things about traditional style is that you can use your accessories and collectibles for a long time. You do not have to be a slave to the latest trend and try to redo your whole house. 

To freshen up things you can add something transitional, or even something with a modern twist. (pillows, artwork, lamps)  I love to mix a touch of contemporary with my traditional pieces. 

I love a "collected" look that has evolved over time. Think old English, or European, or traditional American style. There is a portrait of a great grandfather, a chair from a grandmother, and maybe a crystal vase from a grandmother's mother. A collected look has a story. 

I used to not like old antique stuff ...when I was young. 

Now that I am older I appreciate the old pieces of furniture, or old dishes, that have been passed down through the family. They are treasures!

Now back to the trayscape... (I keep digressing.)

Rooms always need a touch of green from live plants or even faux like I used here. 

The green of the faux boxwood adds color to the otherwise neutral color scheme...black and gold. 

I think this traycape will work for awhile. You all know that I switch things around often. 

This room is the most challenging one for me to work with for some reason. I have not put my finger on it exactly.  Could it be that I use a wicker trunk instead of a real coffee table, or that the room is more masculine, or that I am using older accessories and trying to make them work? Or could the problem be that I am trying to make my room look like a magazine?  I am just not sure. Maybe one day it will come to me.

We live in this room. Stacks of books, magazines, and laptops find their way in here. But houses are meant to be lived in and not just looked at, right. :-) With a smaller house it seems that clutter can happen in a flash. (I am working on clutter as part of my "new year" efforts. Drawer by drawer. :-)

Now I can relax since I fixed this spot! 

I need to work on the mama cave sometime soon. It looks unfinished since the table tops are bare. 

Thanks for visiting.

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