September 29, 2015

Road Trip to South Carolina

I recently had the opportunity to travel to South Carolina. 

I never fail to be impressed with the beauty of our country from region to region. 

From the hills of Kentucky, through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, to the low country of South Carolina, the scenery along the way is beautiful. 
(Ky is not exactly oceanfront!)

This is the view/sunset that greeted me 
after a full day in the car! Worth it for sure!

The next day I headed out to the beach with my see what I might find. I am always looking for a good photo opportunity.

I love going to the beach after summer
...After the super hot days. 

The beach is very natural here...allowing the vegetation to take root and protect the dunes.

I found this downed pine branch...
and thought it's structural beauty worth a photo.

I love listening to the sound of waves crashing on the beach. So relaxing!

This birdie swooped in to check me out
...and I had to be quick to capture this pic.

Then he/she landed to check me out a little closer. 
But...I had no crumbs to share.

This guy was hanging around to see if there might be any bread crumbs too. 
But sorry...I had nothing!

This shot is looking toward Daufuskie Island.

We had some grey I did a little retail therapy then. I found a few small items to use around the house as well as a few long sleeved tees to wear with jeans this fall. 

Gosh, can you believe it is time to think about long sleeves and sweaters? Nooooo!

I will decorate with these small felted pumpkins soon. I am guessing that many of you are crafty enough to make some like these once you see how they are constructed. 

The small white ceramic pumpkins are so cute...and they have battery operated lights. 

I will create a few vignettes
...and will show you as soon 
as I rest up from my "road trip." ha! 

Apparently it takes longer to recover from
 "road trips" when you're older. ha! 
Got some sore muscles!

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September 27, 2015

The Upside Down Golden

I introduced you to CeeJay once before. He is another of the goldens in our family. 

His mom and dad are my brother and sister-in-law.

Cee Jay is the baby of his family, about nine years old.

CJ lost an older brother back a few months ago, and now his oldest brother, Casey, who is fourteen years old, is having some mobility issues due to a disk problem. Medication is helping big brother Casey have good days for now.

My brother sent this photo of Mr.CeeJay relaxing...upside down!

If you look closely you can see his mouth at the bottom of the picture, while his fluffy underneath is up top! 

How funny! How cute!

My sister-in-law is giving CJ, a therapy dog, some love therapy. 

Yes, CJ is a trained therapy dog...who goes to hospitals, and his local library where he participates in the Reading Paws program, where he sits attentively listening to children read to him. 

(CJ never interrupts or corrects his kids, like adults sometimes do. This way, he helps kids develop more confidence in reading out loud.)

When not hanging upside down at home...CJ has very important jobs. He spreads golden love (and fur) with children and others who need some "golden" love. 

Those of you who know the "golden" breed know that they are eternal three year old matter what their actual age. They are silly kids with big loving hearts!

CJ loves belly rubs!

After all of the belly rubs and love, 
CJ is ready to just relax and hang out on the sofa. 
It's a dog's life I tell you!

Here is CJ with his older brother Casey(L). 
They both love the lake and riding on their pontoon!

Since I do not have cute pics of Mikey to share with you, I thought you might enjoy seeing Mikey's young cousin CJ. 

Isn't he a cute ball of fur! 

I just may have found the title of my children's book...The Upside Down Golden! 

A sort of Trixie type book but where our family goldens tell "their" stories, to help other golden boys and girls. It's just an idea of mine.

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September 25, 2015

Fall Decorating: Autumn Past

I pulled out some of last year's fall decorating photos to get an idea of what I might do for some fall and Halloween touches around the house this year. 

I have to look at my older pics because I cannot remember from one year to the next it seems. 

Whether it is Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, older pics help me figure out what I might do for the next year.

I think that it is so much fun to decorate for fall. 

I don't mean to rush the seasons...but I kind of get in the mood because it seems that retail begins putting out fall ribbons, crafts, fabric, candles....and all other types of seasonal décor to tempt us on August 1st. 

I like going to the basement and digging in my bin of pumpkins and silk stems to see what I have. 

My short term memory makes the contents of my bin a surprise each hear. ha! Kidding or not? You too?

I like to decorate with natural elements but I am fine with some faux pumpkins here and there. 

I have a collection of extra large pine cones that I picked up in our yard at Hilton Head. I miss that yard. But I still have the pine cones. 

Have you tried decorating with any of the faux black or white pumpkins that have been out and about the last couple of years? 

I bought two small ones last year thinking I would paint some stencils on them. I did not...but I did use them for a fun Halloween tablescape. 

My orange pillows will travel back to the leather sofa to lend some color to the great room. They can stay out until Thanksgiving. 

I must remember to bring my old iron basket upstairs. I use that during the fall and winter months. It is great for holding pine cones, pumpkins, or Christmas ornaments.  

I also love to mix my wicker balls among my loose gathering of fall objects. So, I need to locate those too.

Here is a look back at how I decorated the front porch last year. I did not buy anything for this look. I just reused everything for a different presentation. 

I refreshed my black urns with spray paint last they should still be nice for this fall. 

I had a roll of black plastic netting. I cut a couple of yards for each of my black urns and placed over the tops. 

Then I set a large pottery welcome pumpkin on the top of the urn. 

I added a few pine cones and mini pumpkins around the base of each pumpkin. I then took my collection of faux pumpkins and placed them around the bottom of each urn. 

I like real pumpkins...but I already had a bin full of the faux ones. (Love the ones you're with have! ha!)

I just think it is so much fun to make your porch pretty for fall. 

My neighbors are not quite close enough to see the details of my porch décor, but they can see that I have some decorations. 

They will have to visit me or read the blog to see the details of my vignettes. 

I brought out my long stemmed sunflowers to add some more color and height to my vignette.

You will have to keep on the lookout to see how I use my fall decorative items this year. 

I will use my black urns again...but I have not decided what I will do to decorate the porch for this fall and Halloween. 

My wreath from last year still looks good, so it will be displayed again this year too.

All of my porch details are black...lanterns, shutters, chairs, urns, doormat, etc. I love using oranges so much with the black. It's just fun.  

I am in the process of getting ideas and inspiration for this year's fall porch display. 

You will have to wait a little longer. will be the first to see when it is done. 

I hope you are inspired to think about your fall and Halloween this year after seeing a few of my ideas from last year.

In this pic I used a cake plate to elevate a few items. You can also use books to add some height to a tablescape. 

Here is my old tray that I spray painted black, then added plastic netting to it. I loaded it up with lots of mini pumpkins and a couple of furry spiders. 

A simple door basket with loose stems...but the colors say fall. 

There are so many simple, inexpensive displays that you can create by just mixing and re-matching your bits and pieces.

It is so much fun to think about fall decorating, blankets, spiced cider, and crisp evenings. (Hubby would also add, football.)

Dressing the Front Porch for Fall. 
Here is a more detailed look at my porch last year. 
And, Looking back to Halloween 2014 décor.
A Halloween Tray

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September 24, 2015

A Few Ideas for Fall

Fall Tidbits

I always have baskets scattered around my one thing I do is put silk stems in them. Just a touch of fall color with my brown eyed susans. 

Take what you already have in your home and add something fall to it. You can use natural items or faux...or mix the two. Just make yourself happy.

If you like to pick up budget friendly tidbits (and I do) remember to check your local dollar store. They can have some really good seasonal stems, and other craft type things.  

This picture (above) is from last fall. I changed my candles to soft caramel colored ones...and added a fall silk flower to the coffee table.

In this photo I added a little bitty pumpkin and another fall silk flower to the top of this chest in the great room. The silks are from TJM. They have cute little flower arrangements.

The green pottery pieces are actually candlholders. I can put a tea lites or slim tapers in them. I also like them plain...just contributing color to a tabletop. 

Here is a closeup where you can see the details better. 

For another really simple idea... Fill a large bowl with mini pumpkins... for big impact. Several items together can pack a bigger visual punch.

Any bowl that you have in your home can be made into a fall decoration with just a few little pumpkins/gourds/pine cones, etc.

I will probably put these little pumpkins in different bowls during the season. You all know that I move and rearrange things a lot. ha! 

I put this together for the coffee table. I just love fall colors in my house. 

I don't wear fall colors well...with my eyes and skin tone. But for my house...yes! 

I have seen people put various sizes of pumpkins on the tops of candlesticks. And it looks so neat. I am going to give that a try with some pumpkins sometime soon. 

I want to use real pumpkins inside this year, IF I can find the sizes I want. So stay tuned to see if I can pull that off. 

I hope my vignettes give you an idea/inspiration or two that you can use around your house. You can begin with a thing or two...and slowly bring in that fall feel. 

I have been arranging and rearranging a few fall things. But, I may have everything in new locations next week. ha!

I am always ready to put away summer stems and tablecloths by September. 

I am ready to mellow out with the colors and smells of fall. 

You and yellow leaves that give us a beautiful display, before becoming crunchy after they fall to the ground.

And...the smell of burning wood when folks crank up their wood burning fireplaces.

As well as...the smell and taste of spiced cider, spiced tea, or your favorite fall coffee concoction.  

Mums are already out in my area! I bought a few small pots of the very early ones for the porch so we would have color for the anniversary party. I may pick up some for the back porch too. 

I hope you see something that inspires you to bring a few touches of fall into your house. 

Mostly just enjoy the season! Nature is preparing to give us a visual show, before the dark winter season moves in. 

We have some beautiful leaf watching in Kentucky... so I hope you get to drive around and enjoy. I love driving the hills and valleys to see nature's many brilliant leaf colors.

Here are a few recent posts in case you missed them.

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