December 1, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree...

...Ooooh Christmas Tree

I love working on our Christmas tree. It appears in the house thanks to some muscle men, then I begin the process of making the tree look pretty.

I thought I would share with you how I decorate our tree.  

I have just started adding family "memory" ornaments to the tree.
(I grew up ice skating, thus the skates!)  Everything else is prep work!
When I had children at home they helped trim the tree. And you could tell their height by the placement of their ornaments. I would fill in where they could not reach. And it was so much fun to watch the magic through them. 

To the base tree I add additional greenery, pine cones, berries, and sparkly stuff.
This year I added ivory jute bows that I made. 
Fast forward, and the kids are gone and I am left to my own devices. Oh, hubby helps. He holds the step stool for me. (He worries that I might fall.)  And he fetches things for me. But he leaves the artistic design up to me for the most part. ha! 
I added my huge Hilton Head pine cones to add a touch of "natural/rustic."
This year I am mixing glam and rustic...and I'm liking it. 
The other day hubby stood back, then said, "I see we are having a grown up tree this year." He cleared that up by saying, "I mean, we have a theme tree this year." 

The word ornaments came from the dollar store a couple of years one dollar each.
Well, I am not sure it is a theme tree, because I had no idea what the tree would be this year. I believe hubby thought it was a theme tree because I had not added any of the family ornaments yet.

You see, I gather my supplies and just begin.

Then I think of something from a bin in the basement that would work, and I add it. No real plan! (I guess I really should not admit that. ha!) 

I create as I go along.

However, I do have a few things I do each year to create a pretty tree, without going over the top. Well, maybe I do go over the top some. I add lots 
of stuff!

I once heard or read that a southern tree is overloaded, intentionally. The more stuff the better. Well, I am on my way with this year's tree. ha! I have been digging for my gold-silver-sparkly bits and pieces. That color scheme is working very well for the great room as I have lots of old brass in the room. 

I decorate my tree with the lights off, so that I can get everything arranged.
Then I turn on the lights for another perspective.

Some of those "things" that I add are greenery branches. Adding branches of faux greenery makes a tree look fuller. I think this is the single thing that you can do to make your "faux" tree look more lush. 

This photo shows the gold balls that I added to the tree.
So, here is how I proceed with my tree...

I begin with our base tree and I fluff the branches. Then I add the following items in the order listed.
  • Greenery branches/picks  
  • Berry branches
  • Holly branches
  • Sparkle branches/picks
  • Extra large pine cones
  • Ribbons or bows (optional)
  • Ornaments by color 
  • Family ornaments
  • Top piece (angel, more sparkly sprigs, etc.)
Ivory bows and gold ornaments seem to be setting the color this year.
Last year I used red and green on the tree. 

The tree is not yet finished because we have lots more ornaments to add. Yes, lots more ornaments! When we were in the larger house on the farm we had a fat ten foot tree. 

So, downsizing our Christmas tree makes it tricky to get all of our special ornaments on the tree. 
Christmas trees are so magical!
They can turn grownups into kids!
This year we decided to put the tree in the great room instead of the front entry like we did last year. 

Our sweet Mikey would lay by the Christmas tree and take a nap every evening while we watched tv. 

I hope my sharing how I decorate our tree will give you some ideas to apply to yours. Adding extra branches of greenery might be my favorite tip to share with you. :-)

I will be back with more Christmas tree photos later in the season. The magic of the season is so much fun!

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