December 14, 2015

Make an Elegant & Easy Holiday Centerpiece

The days and hours are ticking down to Christmas. My shopping is done, and most of the presents are wrapped. 

Now I have to turn my focus to some baking and preparing for our kids to be home. Kids at home means food prep! 

I need to get cracking on baking and other kitchen jobs. We will be cooking a country ham a new way this year and I will share that with you.  In Kentucky we love our country ham! 

Today I want to share a table arrangement I put together last Christmas.  I will be doing a similar version this year. This tablescape can work for both a buffet table and a sit down dinner. I hope you like my idea!  

Some of you may remember this from last year but I have so many new readers this year, that I want to share a few ideas from last year with them.

I began with a black table runner, but of course you would use your own based on your color and style. This arrangement can be styled for a casual table or for something dressier.

Next I put my footed bowl in the middle of the table. I placed faux fruit, pine cones, and sprigs of greenery in my bowl. (It's a cast aluminum bowl that I picked up at a shop in Lexington last year.)

Next, I added a six foot garland of greenery down the middle of the table, on the tablerunner. 

The reason I use a table runner is to protect the table's finish from rough wires and prickly pine. Even if I were using fresh greenery I would still use a table runner to protect the table.

At this point you want to fluff and arrange the garland sprigs/branches. Spread/stretch some greenery around the foot of the bowl too. 

My garland is oversized and thick, so there was a lot of fluffing. ha.

I also added long pieces of wired ribbon down each side of the garland, tucking it into the greenery here and there. I made some blow loops for the bowl also. 

There you have it. A simple, but fairly dramatic arrangement for your dining table. 

You can take this any style direction you want, depending on the container, ribbon, and greenery that you use. 

Maybe you like a woodland look. Or maybe you prefer something that is more "glam." 

You can do this!

Here is a closer look at my bowl before I put it in the garland arrangement. I love to use bowls! But you all know that!

I also like to decorate with things that are not necessarily Christmas. Then I add ornaments, ribbons, pine cones, etc. to make them Christmas-y.

I don't have a large house anymore, but it seems like it takes me longer to do my projects than it did 20 years ago. ha! 

It is all about planning and pacing yourself. (She tells herself. ha.)

A basket arrangement that I made using stems of holly.
It can take a village to prepare for Christmas! You all take care...and enjoy the season! 

Thanks for visiting!

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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