December 24, 2015

Christmas in the Dining Room, 2015

After having a meal in the dining room I clear off the table and put either my monster flower arrangement back or create something new. This time it is something new. 

Since it is Christmas and I am "moving and shaking" things up, I came up with this simple tablescape for our Christmas day dinner.

I used things I already had around the house. A taupe linen tablerunner. (I showed it to you in November.)  Two small Christmas trees in simple galvanized buckets. (I have had them for years and years.)  My everyday dishes. (Mikasa Italian Countryside) Oneida flatware. Greenery. Votives. (All of these have been in various posts.)

The silver tone of the galvanized buckets plays well with the posh silver ornaments I put in my tureen. I am using the opposites attract method of styling. 

The tureen is from the Thistlewood Farm ironstone collection. You all know, Karianne. The platter is an old one from WalMart about five or six years ago. 

The tureen has a mix of mercury glass balls that I have collected over the years along with silver plastic ones. 

I am always mixing cheap and collectibles. Often times it works just fine. This time it does.

I decided that this centerpiece arrangement would be nice to leave on the table for our family Christmas dinner. 

So I got to work creating a casual table setting for Christmas day/evening.  Candles and all. 

You know, I had forgotten all about these red Lenox salad plates. I did not use them at all last year or the year before. I just forgot that I had them. ha! Do you ever do that? :-)

I picked them up at Belk years ago. They layer so nicely with my Mikasa Italian Countryside.

The red borders on the Lenox plates make the table setting very festive. Otherwise the table colors are very neutral.

I have never invested in "Christmas" dishes...thought I have seen several patterns that I think are pretty. I really like to collect splashy salad plates. 

I just go with white dishes and then jazz up a place setting with a pretty salad plate. 

Salad plates are fairly inexpensive...and they can serve as nice snack plates for cocktail parties, birthday parties, etc. 

Here is an overhead view of my pretty tureen and greenery. No flash, just the candlelight with my camera set for low light/night. 

My family is used to me...I have candles out during the Christmas season! 

And besides, everyone looks so pretty by candlelight! 

I just realized that I took my photos before I put glasses on the table. There is time though. 

This gives you an idea of our Christmas table. We usually eat mid to late afternoon. If it is dark at 4:00 like it has been then we will have candles. If it is a bright sunny day I will probably not use candles. There are those "rules" you know. :-)

Here are some last minute additions/changes to the table setting. I added simple water glasses, round green mats under the dishes, chunky green pottery candlesticks, and red napkins. 
No more changes now! I am heading off to bed. Ha! 

This will be our simple table for Christmas when my dear family gathers round. I feel such peace when my kids are home with it used to be when they were kidos. Where does the time go? This is the first Christmas in a few years that both of our children will be home on Christmas day. I am so thankful that both will be home this year. 

I hope you have a nice Christmas! 

Thanks for visiting.

Joyeux Noël mes amis!
My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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