December 29, 2015

2015, It's A Wrap! Most viewed posts

(This post was featured on Our Home Away From Home, Jan 18, 2016)

I have been looking over the posts from this year and seeing what you all viewed the most. 

Actually, I just cannot believe another year has sped by us.

I am busy planning some future posts that I hope you will enjoy. 

And I am also tinkering with my blog header. I want simple, attractive, classic, but not distracting. We shall see. 

newest header creation incorporating the French blue that I love so much

For today I thought I would show you the most viewed posts for 2015. I was surprised by some. :-) I never know for sure which posts will pique your interest, as we all have different interests. 

I am a very visual person and rely heavily on photographs for my messages. I have thought of doing a few posts...with no words, except that my "gift of gab" is too strong. ha! (I am thinking that you all already know that.)

For the upcoming year...I have a relationship with HGTV-Sherwin Williams paints and I will be bringing you a couple of bathroom makeovers from my daughter's new (to her) house. We just completed the first bathroom...and the paint choice was perfect. are the top posts of 2015!

#1. Sitting Room Reveal
This is the most viewed post! You all enjoyed the changes I made to the sitting room. aka parlor, aka mama cave. 

#2. Floral Design on a Whim
This was a quick little project that shows how making spur of the minute decisions can work out well. I was totally surprised that this is the second most viewed post for 2015.

#3. The Dining Room Reveal
The third most viewed post...After a rug repair and other changes my dining room is finally finished. (until I dream up something else to do in there. :-)

#4. I Cried a River
The 4th most viewed post is about Mikey, aka Designer Dog. You all mourned with me as we had to say goodby to our dear fur baby Mikey. This is the hardest thing hubby and I had to do in 2015. If you want to read more about Mikey, just click on the link. 

canine degenerative myelopathy

#5. Mixing Farmhouse With Traditional
The 5th most viewed post...I learned that you all really love things with a farmhouse flavor as well as traditional flavor. And my blue and white porcelain pieces are a favorite of yours also. That means we are great decorating matches/friends. 

#6. Farmhouse or Country French

You all love my kitchen pics too! I am always changing up my kitchen table vignettes. 

#7. Fall Decorating With a Chippy Tray
This little chippy tray has been the star of the show on several posts. I was originally going to paint this tray black, but because so many of you like it the way it is, I have left it alone. No black paint planned.

green chippy distressed tray

#8. Decorating a New Bedroom, Part 2
I turned this bedroom upside down. ha! It is son's room when he visits...and it was just blah. It had a pine twin bed, and boy stuff in it. I decided it was time to fluff this room. I brought the white furniture up from the basement and kicked the pine bed down to the basement.  He did not seem to mind that I put the white beds and chest into the room...and made the room more presentable. I picked up inexpensive coverlets and a couple of small lamps to finish the room. The windows will stay "un" draped. 

Neutral Bedroom

#9. Farmhouse Table, and There Was Light
You all love my farmhouse table. It is an old table that we have had over twenty years and probably needs to be refinished...but you all love it just as it is. The queen Ann chairs are Pottery Barn in a painted black finish.

#10. Housekeeping Tip: Washing Windows
I showed you all a super easy way to wash windows. I hope to do more Housekeeping posts in 2016.

#11. The Drapery Reveal
My favorite drapes were remade for our current downsize. I love how they turned out, and so did you.

thibaut drapery fabric

#12. Look What Followed Me Home!
This was an impulse purchase under $20.00. Many of you told me you would have bought it too! That made me feel better! :-) We all need support.

large amber glass jug

If you get lost as you navigate around the blog ...just go to the sitemap tab at the top of the page, or the list of topics located on the bottom left side of the blog. 

Thank you for being a part of my house adventures and antics. I need you more than you know! I am not taking this empty nest, midlife stage of life "sitting it out." I am opting to do more creative things each day. And I am so glad to have you here with me. I am always reading and researching (an academic life activity) and love to share with you. 

When I was teaching I would tell my students to not be afraid to ask a question for fear it might be silly. If one person has that question others might have the same question/thought. 

So...we are all in this together. One foot in front of the other. We are marching forward in our lives whether we are 30 or 60. And for you younger gals...we older gals still feel we are 18 or 20 in our hearts and minds. Like books, our covers may be a little frayed or wrinkled but don't let that put you off. We have more confidence and perhaps more daring attitudes that come from living life, rearing families, and navigating careers and marriages.

I recently saw this poster online somewhere and the message really spoke to me.  Is this you too?  I hope I live long enough to be old and feisty at the same time. I am headed in the right direction. ha!

I am taking a mini break for a few days to catch my breath and have some R and R before New Years. Back in a few days!

Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting,

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