November 8, 2015

What's on my mind?

Ok, this first pic is a giveaway. :-)

I love to decorate with pine huge cones!
If you guessed would be right! I can't help it. To bide my time...I thought I would look at my old photos to sort of take a mental inventory of my ideas from last year. 

I also love word ornaments.

I picked up several "word" ornaments at Dollar General over the last couple of years. I love them at $1.00 a piece. I put them around the house more than on the tree. ha.

I used mostly red and green on my 2014 Christmas tree. I need to think about this year. Since I am a pack rat...I have ornaments from various color themes. Though, I did get rid of the mauve ornaments from the eighties or nineties. ha! I can't even remember. It was a blur.

I included this picture because it has our sweet Mikey in it. This will be the first Christmas without our sweet golden boy. It will be hard, because Mikey loved Christmas. I know he was a dog...but really, he loved Christmas. He would nap by the tree, and at night he would sleep by the tree. And then of course were are all of the wonderful food smells coming from the kitchen. 

I love to drape greenery around mirrors and will locate my garland to recreate this look. 

My daughter hand knit this sweater ornament for me. I love it...because her hands created it. She he has far surpassed her mother in her needle skills. ha.

We use traditional family ornaments on our Christmas tree. I have done "styled" trees before and they are beautiful. But I was in a larger house, with children, and two trees. I am down to one main Christmas tree now. The ornaments are memories. We gave our daughter her special ornaments now that she is married. We still have our bachelor son's ornaments. ha. I guess when he leaves/marries...his ornaments will go with him. Maybe then...I will go back to a styled/theme/decorated tree. We'll see. 

I love this little tree. I find a place for it every year. It's just an inexpensive little thing...but it makes me smile. Sometimes I put in on the kitchen table. 

Last year I grouped all of my silver votives together on a mirrored tray. I am not sure I will put the silver candlesticks together. I never did light them because they are too close to the drapes. oops.

I cannot remember if I still have these red votives. I may have given them to my daughter. Hmmm. It's bad when you cannot remember...but then again, that's why I look through my pics, to try to remember.ha.

This is the special bowl I bought last year. I keep it out all of the time, except that I change the contents for the season. 

The greenery on the table is a six foot long piece of garland. It was my first year to use a strip of garland. It was just a spur of the moment idea that I had not done before. Then I asked myself why not. ha. I will do that trick again this year! 

I am not sure this arrangement will appear this Christmas. Some of the flowers were falling out last year. I might be able to take it apart and redo it. We'll see.

This is a simple table arrangement I made with a chippy tray, hurricanes, and pine cones.  You all know me, I am always mixing and arranging using the same things over and over. You will see these again this year. :-)

This is another version of the previous tray arrangement. 

Pine cones and candles, you cannot make a decorating mistake using them Christmas time.  I think I told you all that I have switched to white or ivory candles. I can use them all year.  

Also, you can get unscented white candles most of the time. (Pier One) We have allergy issues with some of the fragrant candles out there. I love them...but my sinuses do not. I can end up with a headache. Many of the vanilla scents are mild enough that I can tolerate them.

Now you know what is on my mind. I have not touched a single Christmas decoration mind you. I am just thinking ahead. Ok, maybe I am thinking out loud too. ha. 

Hubby and I are talking about the old strings of lights and garland we use outside. We know those bulbs won't last forever. ha. That is his department. ha. 

I work on the inside of the house and hubby works on the outside. We don't do major outside decorating. We put wreaths on the windows and lights and garland around the front  door. 

I am busy thinking up new Christmas decorating ideas to show you. I am also online scouting some neat ideas to share with you too. 

I will share a few more of last year's ideas as I work up to "really" beginning my Christmas decorating. 

So, now you know what is on my mind. What about you?  :-)

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