November 13, 2015

What I’m Reading, Nov 13, 2015

Here are a few things I have been reading this week. There is a good mix of I'm hopeful you will see some links that interest you. 

I am currently working on Thanksgiving and Christmas projects at the same time!  

My house is beginning to look a little out of control so I need to do some housekeeping this weekend and get things back to looking better.  ha. 

1. Since we are entering gift giving season, you might like to learn how to tie a beautiful bow! By Eddie Ross.

Washable Wool Plaid Red/Blue/Green

2. I am wanting some washable wool plaid fabric for some winter pillows on the leather sofa. Plaid seems to be very popular out in the style world, and I think it could hold its own with the masculine I may make some of my own. I found some nice wool on in case you are also interested.  

3. Have you discovered Garden and Gun magazine? You should take a look. The pages are filled with the comings and comings of southerners. There are home and garden features as well as recipes and entertainment. Hunting, a popular sport in the south, also has some pages. And every year they have The Good Dog Contest. I entered Mikey a couple of times. 

4. Garden & Gun sponsors the Made in The South (awards recognition.) You may see some folks from your area, if you live in the south that is.

Home Category Winner: M. Callahan Studio,      

Made in: Oklahoma City, OK 

5. This is a great feature on a Louisiana party barn. I want one!

6. Here is a Southern Fried Chicken Recipe, if you do not have your grandmothers. Thank you to Garden and Gun for this recipe.

7. Southern Food in Fifty Dishes...yum! Garden and Gun magazine rivals Southern Living when it comes to southern recipes. You should take a look.  I don't think you will be disappointed. 

8. Fitbit for Good. Use your steps to help others! First, I need to be better about my Fitbit usage.

9. Turning to a more academic subject... how is your vocabulary?

Ten words every college student should know! ...and every adult should know. If you stumble over these and take a look at the definitions. :-)

10. New fonts newsletter will interest you creative types. Whether you are a blogger or a classroom teacher, etc. you will find nice fonts to use. I am a bit of a font "nut" so this site really appeals to me. I like to create posters, cards, blog headers, etc. 

11. Grammarly Blog Writing sure to interest some of you. I signed up for the automatic emails from Grammarly. I love seeing the questions and tips they post. And they have great cartoons also.  

Please attribute this content to

12. Bloggers and readers...for a little more fun check out...Irksome Grammar and Language Pet Peeves

Everyone is getting busy with planning Thanksgiving dinners, or dishes to take to Thanksgiving dinners. Turkey. Dressing. Pumpkin pie. Sides. Oh my! 

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And have a great weekend.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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