November 15, 2015

Start With a Table Runner!

Hey everyone, I hope you day is going well. I have been busy thinking about Thanksgiving and some things that I need to do. (Cleaning the house is at the top of the list. ha) 

We have a small family so we have a small get together. My husband grew up with extended family living close and it was common to have forty to fifty people gather at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, all of that generation has passed and the cousins have their own family gatherings now. We did gain a son-in- law a couple of years ago, so we are expanding some. ha! 

OK, to my topic today.

Let me invite you into the kitchen for a bit to see what I have been up. Just a quick style update...

You all know that I cannot leave a tabletop alone for very long. ha!  

Last week my long basket arrangement was on the dining room table. 

And today it is on my farmhouse table, but not for long. :-)

My basket of pumpkins is not really the topic today. But it is part of the story.

The topic today is the table runner I came home with recently.  

Great colors and embroidery on linen!
I found this oatmeal linen baby at a TJ Maxx recently. 

I was not really shopping for a table runner. 

But I was looking at the rack of them anyway. 

Yes, I look at things even if I am not really shopping. 

Some were too rustic. 

Some were too fussy with ruffles and such. 

Some were too shiny, i.e. too many sparkles. 

Some were too expensive, (or more than I wanted to pay.)

But this one, this one was just right. 

I justified my interest in this runner...

Great colors. Great embroidery. Multi holiday use. 

And pine cones, one of my favorite fall and winter decorating accessories!

Plus, I can use this table runner in both the kitchen and the dining room. (some I cannot)

We have cardinals that nest behind our house somewhere.
They rest on our brick wall from time to time.

I like this runner because I feel that I can use it for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

You all know me, I like to be able to use things for more than one time, event, or season.

I would like to have this as a crewel project...but it is already embroidered, which is a good thing really I guess. I take forever to do needle work. I do like this kind of project though.

On the next aisle, I found a spool of ivory wired jute ribbon. Yep, into the cart. 

I am a ribbon lover. It's just hard for me to pass up great ribbon.

I do not have a plan for the ribbon just yet...but I will think of one. I create as I go. 

Surprise....Off goes my long basket of pumpkins...and in comes my tureen! (More about this tureen later.)

This tureen is from the Thistlewood Farm Collection at the Painted Fox.
By the way, do you see the black iron stand in the upper right of the above photo? That is the stand that goes with the long basket. 

I love a table runner that tells me how to style the table. Well, perhaps "tells" is too strong. I love a table runner that "suggests" how to style my table. The pine branches, pine cones, and birds suggest a very natural table arrangement to me. 

I will use my cream dishes, dark green placemats, and simple glasses. Nothing pretentious here. I will do a table setting soon, but I wanted to go ahead and share the table runner. 

For our house in the woods, this table runner is just perfect!

Do you ever fall for impulse shopping? ha. I call it the "hunting and gathering" that we do for our caves nests homes. Sometimes we don't know we need it until we see it. Right? :-)

Thanks for visiting! 

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