November 28, 2015

Playing With Plaid

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today. 

I am at home today in jeans and tee shirt playing around with some Christmas decorating ideas for the house. 

I'm trying to figure out how I want to "deck the halls" this year.

Please come in to visit for a few minutes.

I have a photo show for you. I took a different picture with something new added to each one. This way you can see how I go about planning a "look."

I have a two yard piece of fabric that has been in my fabric stash for a long time. 

But for some reason I just though about it...for Christmas.  

I went to the basement digging around, and I found my plaid remnant. Bingo.

I tried the plaid fabric here and there...just for fun. I folded it. I draped it. 

I do not know what I want to do with my plaid. I have thought about making some 20 inch pillows, that could go on either the white sofa, the white chairs, or the great room sofa. 

On the other hand I thought about finishing the edges and making a table cover, or table runner. 

The fabric is a faux wool from years ago. I think I bought it to make a jumper for my daughter when she was young...and never did. ha. 

I could make a scarf or wrap. The possibilities are endless.

The story isn't over...because, well, one thing led to another. I began playing with my plaids. I went around the house in search  of more plaid accessories.

I located a plaid tablecloth, and a plaid pillow. 

Then I started making a pile, and playing, ...and hoping no one would come to my front door to see my pile of stuff.  But this is how I create. I gather items into a pile to see how colors and scale work together.  

If I go with tartan for Christmas I can see using it casual or dressy. I can work it into the sitting room and dining room, as well as the great room. 

The tablecloth in the basket is almost the same plaid. The tablecloth plaid has a larger scale, and more hunter green.

I put the pups into the pile...and then I knew I could go with a plaid this year. Of course I could change my mind... :-) 

Plaid brings visions of equestrian style to mind, and I have a couple of equestrian hunt figures. 

I'm just thinking out loud!

Have you started to "think" about Christmas or are you in full swing?  I am in the process of pulling things out of my Christmas bins.

How do you decorate your home? Bit by bit? Or do you haul all of your boxes and bins to one spot and go for a full one or two day assault? :-)


Today's music selection is the song Let There Be Peace on Earth, sung by Vince Gill and his daughter. This song always brings me to tears...I guess because of the many layers of interpretation. All of us want personal peace as well as worldly peace.  This is one of my favorite songs! Just click to enjoy.

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