November 5, 2015

Make A Simple Family Tablecloth

Back in 1983 my mother-in-law made a tablecloth for her family Christmas table. 

Hubby's dad had already passed away. And my MIL's sister had also passed. But her husband, and children as well as our family (hubby was an only child) would get together on Christmas Eve for a dinner. 

As it turned out, 1983 would be Mimi's last Christmas dinner. (My children called their grandmother her name was Maxine.) 

On the occasion of this Christmas dinner my MIL made a tablecloth for her table out of a large sheet. Then she asked for people to write and draw on it. I am sure the kids thought, wow, we get to draw on the tablecloth, cool. 

She handed out markers and asked us to decorate the tablecloth.  Thinking back...they must have been washable fabric markers, because I can find no trace of marker on this cloth.

My pics are not the best...but I hope you get the idea.

During the months following Christmas she worked on stitching over all of the messages and drawings in red thread. Some of the people are no longer with us, and those that are, well, are much older. ha.

This little boy who liked the pie is now a professor at a major university.

This is my bunch. The little girl and little boy are all grown up and on their own. I recognize their names and printing from all of the school papers in elem school. 

Since Mimi embroidered 1983 in red, my guess is that she was going to do the next year in another color. 
Hubby's Uncle George got really fancy and drew a plate with a merry Christmas greeting. 

I am showing you this tablecloth because I thought some of you might like to make one also. It was hard to get good pictures of a tablecloth over a chair...but it is the idea that I want to share with you.

Now, there are fabric paint markers/pens on the market that you could use instead of stitching everything. Or maybe you have an embroidery machine that you could use to stitch over the designs made by those sitting around your Thanksgiving or Christmas table. 

You might be able to use a ready made cotton tablecloth. I have used fabric paint markers on dropcloth fabric. Back in the eighties in a small town my MIL used what she could get her hands on for her craft project. No online shopping then. And our small town did not have a department store, or even a local store that stocked home goods.  

If you do use fabric paint markers be sure to have a table pad under your tablecloth. We don't want paint soaking through to your nice tabletop. 

I think you could also use a version of this project on a table runner too. How about tracing the hands of all of the children and printing their name under it? It's all about the sweet memories.

As I looked at my kids little printing and their traced hand prints it really took me back...back to when they were little ones running here and there all over the house playing. And then in a blink, they are gone and out in the world making their own way. 

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