November 10, 2015

Drapery Drama: Jute Tiebacks

Well, it isn't exactly drama...but when trying to figure out something and not wanting to, and then you happen upon something that could solve the problem...maybe it could be. ha. 

Are you scratching your head? ha.

My draperies need something to hold them I cannot find the original holders. I am guessing they are in a box somewhere. 
I really want the drapes to hang down straight...but I have run into an issue. 

These drapery panels were made for wider windows. I cannot find the  wider, original rod.
So, I used a rod that I already had, which is a bit shorter. I am hopeful that the longer rod will show up somewhere.

In the mean time my drapery panels are heavy fabric that will not scoot back to the end of the short rod. What I have now is very little light in my dining room and the mama cave...because the panels close in on the middle of the windows. 

I happened upon something that has solved my (hopefully) temporary problem. I found some cute jute tiebacks. They were only four dollars each...which is better that the forty dollar tiebacks I also found at a fabric/drapery store. But I hesitated and did not buy them.

A month or so later I went in to see if they were still there. Yes, but in odd numbers. I wanted four matching tiebacks. No such luck. 
Then I grabbed two of each style. 

And so now the dining room has jute balls and the mama cave has jute loops. It kind of bothers me, but...

I guess there is a moral to this story. Something snooze you loose. ha. 

To read more about the drapes just click here. 

I am still hopeful that I will find the wide rod so that I can get a wider spread for my curtain panels. 

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