November 22, 2015

A Styled Jute Bow Tutorial

I ran across some really great ribbon!
So, I have been knee deep in making jute bows. 

I spent an afternoon making bows for my Christmas tree. It took me a few tries making some before I got what I was looking for, but I finally arrived at the method and "look" that I like.  

I had ten yards of thick wired ivory jute ribbon, and I wanted to be stingy with the yardage. Now I am kicking myself because I did not buy another spool, or two, of this ribbon. But, no!

I made a little tutorial for you to see how I made my bows. 

This tutorial is short and sweet!  

I thought it might help some of you to make decorative bows for the Christmas season. (I will put a bow on just about anything that will stand still! ha.) These bows will be going on our Christmas tree this year...and any other place I find to put one. :-) 

1. Begin with a strip of ribbon that will become your loops. Make the strip into a circle and staple the overlapping ends. (you could use hot glue or needle and thread too. ) You determine the size you want. 

2. Cut another length/strip of ribbon that is longer than your circle/loops. See photo above. I nipped my ribbon ends into points.

3. Cut a length of lightweight ribbon or  strong matching cording for tying the strips of ribbon together.

4. Flatten your stapled circle/loops and lay on top of the second strip of fabric that you cut above. Keep the stapled ends in the center of the back side of your loop.

5. Cut a third length of light weight ribbon (or heavy cord) to tie the heavy jute ribbon layers together. Use ivory satin, grosgrain, or something like I used above. You could also use white pipe cleaner. 

You need something strong because you have to tie a tight knot with the ribbon/cord.

6. Pinch the jute layers together and tie together with the lightweight ribbon, leaving the knot on the back side. Flatten or curl any loose ends.

7. Here is the front side. Flatten or curl under any loose ends.

8. Shape the loops and ends, then use on your project. I made a mix of larger and smaller bows. I am putting the larger ones at the bottom of the tree, and the smaller ones at the top of the tree. 

note: You can make your bows/strips of ribbon as large or small as you want. Just note that really thick ribbon like this jute is harder to made into extra small bows. These are very sturdy/heavyweight bows. 

And another finished bow. This jute ribbon makes fuzz all over the place. ha. Now I have to get out the quickup clean my work area. 

Yes, we put up our Christmas tree this weekend. I have started! It takes me a week to get my tree decorated, because I do something then stand back and consider what I want to do next. That takes a while.

I wanted a very stylized bow, and not a floppy one. If you want to have some bling you could sew some glittery embellishments/buttons/ etc. onto the front of the knot.

And now I have bows on the tree. (I just placed my bows on branches...but you could wire them to a branch if you used pipe cleaner.) 

My afternoon's work is done. ha! I am using rustic (ribbon) and glam (glitter branches) on my tree so far. 

Why do I love opposites so much? ha!

There is a lot more work to do... and I will share my tree with you when it is finished.

I was playing and put a bow on my large platter too. 

I have to head back to the store to see if there are more spools of this ribbon. Fingers crossed. 

I hope you can take a few minutes to just relax and enjoy. For me, music is a very lovely part of the Christmas season. Natalie Cole and Andrea Bocelli sing The Christmas Song. Click to enjoy!

Happy bow making!
And...Thanks for visiting!

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