November 3, 2015

A Flu Shot & A Lantern

I know it's a strange title. 

I thought about saying, Alert. Alert. ha.

I went to CVS for my flu shot last Friday. And the deal is that you get a 20% off coupon when you get your flu shot. Hey, I am all about coupons.

I was going to get a flu shot anyway...without the coupon, but since they were offering, hey I was going to take one...and use it. 

As I was strolling around the store after my flu shot I went to the Christmas section just to browse. 

And what to my wandering eyes should appear? A lantern. I love lanterns. 

Hubby got it down from the top shelf for me to inspect. It looked good. It passed my critical eye. And I have a very critical eye when checking on the quality of things.

I just have a thing for lanterns! So I am always looking at them. And the nice ones are usually pricey.

This lantern's frame is all metal. The corners are tight. The top tilts back. And the battery operated faux candles are stationary. There is an on-off switch on the bottom. The decorative sprigs of pine are removable. (This means I could put other filler inside of the lantern for another season.)

The windows appear to be glass. I have tapped on them and they sound like glass and not plastic. It is also large. This lantern is sturdy/ substantial. And here is the best part...It was $29.00 minus my 20% off with my flu shot coupon, plus my ky tax. All in all a very good deal for. 

My lantern will look great this holiday season. Whether I put it on the coffee table or on the kitchen table it will give us a little bit of warm twinkling light.  

If you like my lantern, run don't walk to your CVS to see if they have one for your house! 

Note: I have no affiliation with CVS except that I get my flu shots and prescriptions there. If they should want to contact me about being their merchandising rep I would welcome their inquiries. ha. I could use some Christmas spending money. :-)

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