October 30, 2015

Welcome My Pretties...Halloween Is Here!

Today while I was creating a little Halloween spirit around my house I was half listening to a program on television that the History channel had about the origins of Halloween. London, England. But the origins of "trick or treat" is apparently pure American...as in from us, in the United States. 

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Another layer of Halloween Fun

There are so many different views about Halloween, but for me I just think of it as a fun time for kids to dress up in fun costumes, and sugar up! ha. 

These days adults get to enjoy the fun too...having their own dress up parties, where they can decorate from cute to creepy, or any point in between.

I do not have any small kids around my house any more, but I do like to bring in a few fun touches of Halloween. It's just fun! I am running a little late this season, but I have made my house a little bit creepy. Cute creepy. ha.

Let me welcome you in... my pretties! 

When you arrive you will be greeted by my black cat, who I think is a girl cat. Once I added the orange bow to the wreath...I decided that "it" was a she. ha!

I have mums and then added a few faux pumpkins to go with the big orange bow on my wreath.

The weather this week is rainy...and blustery. I guess that helps create a dark gloomy Halloween atmosphere. But I prefer sunshine. Just saying! It is so hard to get nice pics on a gray day. So, please excuse some lighting issues. 

Before you get too far...I have a warning for you. Beware! You will encounter a few creepy crawlies.

Here is my first attempt at creepy. A tray full of spiders!

I took a large wood tray and added a couple of layers of black mesh. Then I added a strand of orange garland. I have had it a while and it is bent and squiggly. It makes me think of creepy worms. ha.

Next I added one of my black pumpkins. 
And to finish it off a few creepy spiders. 

I took my tray of creepy spiders and began a vignette on the coffee table/chest. 

My chunky candlesticks move around the house, so I thought they would go with the vignette, especially in the evening when I light the candles. I will try to get a picture of the look at night. 

I moved the trick or treat sign, and repositioned my candlesticks. 

There was just enough room to add my witch to the grouping. She met with an accident last year, but hubby managed to put her back with some glue so that she could "fly" again this year. The crack just adds to her distressed look. ha!

Does this creep you out just a little bit? I hope so. ha. It does me! Next week...back to non creepy stuff. ha.

I will show you a Halloween Tea Table in a couple of days. I wish you all could fly in for a spot of tea and something sweet!

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