October 31, 2015

Waiting for Trick or Treaters

Black Cat via The Graphics Fairy
Hello everyone. Pumpkins, Halloween, kids, costumes, and sweets are on the agenda for many of you today depending on when your community has trick or treating. 

I normally try to limit my posts to three per week so that I do not overload your inbox, or make you want to unsubscribe. ha! But because it is Halloween, and I love to have fun with the theme you get an extra post this week. 

We have our treats all ready for the little ghosts and goblins that show up at our door. And I have a few treats lined up for us (and some friends) while we wait for the doorbell to ring. 

I am trying to decide whether or not to dress for the occasion. I have a poodle skirt that I could put on with some bobby socks and a cardigan sweater. 
My outfit for Halloween at the college library. 

Or I could go all black with a black cape and my witches hat. I will probably put on whatever I find first. If only I were more organized! ha.

Do you remember the song about the purple people eater? Witchy Woman? Love Potion # 9? Or how about the song, Monster Mash?  Well here it is. 

Click to play for a little "mood" music. ha. 

We have had rain all week so I had to turn on overhead lights to take my pictures. Even my low light/ nighttime camera setting would not let me have enough light. Flash overdoes the lighting. I need to reset my flash, but I have not yet learned how. (The camera is smarter than I am. ha!) Please try to overlook the yellow tone. 

To get in the mood for Halloween evening and the little ghosts and goblins I am setting up a snack table for us. Here is a preview...

I cannot have Halloween without some candy corn! And I always pull out my "trick or treat" sign. Candy corn a silly unhealthy treat. I have been pacing myself though. :-)

This bowl is from the Southern Living line several years ago. I love that it has an old pressed glass look. Somehow I have managed not to break it during our moves and storage. It is a great bowl. I have served salads in it and also used it for a fruit bowl on the counter. This time I just have fall faux fruits in it.

Here is the  kitchen table before I began the snack table setting. I like to have a few seasonal decorations for the kitchen table even if it is just for us. 

Sometimes they get a little crazy as I add plastic skeletons and fuzzy spiders. These are a few of my school bulletin board decorations.

My battery powered pumpkins make another appearance since they will be put away in a few days.

Let's start with the table...

The tea pot was a birthday gift from hubby years ago. (I have a tea pot collection that is still boxed up.) 

I asked hubby to buy some green tea to help me get my head into "healthy." I have done better this week! (Except for too many nibbles on candy corn. ha.)

Mikasa, Italian Countryside cups on a linen tea towel. Ready for green tea.

I used a rectangular porcelain tray to make a safe place for candles. I put silk leaves in the tray before adding the candles, to add a little bit of color. Nothing like a little candlelight on Halloween night. 

I used a cake plate to elevate a black pumpkin. And I put some silk leaves under the pumpkin to add more color here too. 

Gooey Brownies...courtesy of hubby. 
He makes the best brownies. 

No tricks...just treats! Finger sandwiches, a cheese tray, and fresh fruit will round out the menu...plus spiced apple cider or tea.

 Image sources...?I have had these in my "teacher" files forever. If these belong to you please let me know and I will give proper credit.

Be careful out there ladies! 
But have fun!

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