October 21, 2015

Tablescapes & Cake Plates

I like using things in unexpected ways. 

I don't know why. I just do. :-)

And using pedestal cake plates for displays is one way that I do it. 

Beatriz Ball Cake Plate

I like having a mix of high and low elevations in any table arrangement, and cake platters are usually large enough to provide display space. 

Here are two examples of where I have incorporated pedestal cake plates into a table landscape. This is a fall/Halloween buffet table that I created.


My table's color theme is black and white...with pops of orange. I like to use black and white as my base colors for many seasons. Black and white just seems to work for me in my house.

Beatriz Ball pedestal cake plate

We are entering the time of year when we may have more gatherings at our homes...and they usually include food. Yea!

Halloween tablescape

Presentation is important to what we serve folks, so look around your house a bit for things to make your table or kitchen island look great.

buffet table

Incorporate seasonal colors and decorations into your table landscape.

A few simple additions can make your table get rave reviews.

pumpkins and beatriz ball pearl cake plate

We are so casual these days when we entertain...but don't overlook the importance of presentation when serving simple hors d'oeuvres, or chips and dip.

Halloween party tablescape

I once read that we "eat with our eyes" too...as odd as that my sound. (Try telling that to a three or four year old. ha.)

I just love to use cake plates in my buffet landscapes. But I already told you that. ha. I guess the teacher in me likes to repeat things. ha.

fall buffet table tablescape

In this pic you can see the aluminum cake plate in the back with my white pottery plate in the front.  The cake plate and tray are Beatriz Ball pieces that I have collected over time.

Whether you are prepping for a Halloween party, a football party, or something more elegant...pull out your cake plates to elevate some of your dishes and decorations. I think you will like it.

Fall tablescape

trick or treat table decorations

Halloween buffet table
Bon Appétit.

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