October 4, 2015

New Tablescape: Same Bowl Different Filler!

This post was featured at A Stroll Thru Life.

Do you remember when I said that I was going to challenge myself to create different versions of my bowl/centerpiece? 

No? Well, I did. ha!

I am talking about a "spend nothing" project of creating different arrangements with just this one bowl.

Here she is full of faux fruits. 

I poured out all of the fruit filler and got an idea to try some grasses. 

I have several bunches of grass that I move from here to there all of the time.

Anyway...here is how the first "bowl" challenge morphed into a new look. 

And...I like it. ha!

However the arrangement is too large to stay on my pine blockfront chest.

No. Can't stay here. She is just too big.

I decided that my great great grandmother's table would probably work.

Yes. I like it here. 
In fact I wish I had made this little change sooner.

It's all in the details I tell you. ha! 

Seriously...small changes in your house can have big impact.

I also like the mix of styles too. 

The juxtaposition just works for me.

The bowl has a sleek, more modern vibe.

And there she is sitting on my old table with traditional brass lamps and my fox.

I like this arrangement so much that I hate to change it. 

But I will try to stay true to the challenge...same bowl different filler. 

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to see what I am up to! :-)

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