October 1, 2015

Neutral Fall Farmhouse Table

You all know that we live in the country. 

So, from time to time I like to create a "farmhouse" 
style tablescape on my farmhouse table. 

I have had my farmhouse table for years...and I really need to sand it down and get the reddish stain off of it. 

But...that's just one of those jobs I keep putting at the bottom of the list. 
I just hate to get into the week long mess!

Like many of you...our kitchen table hosts more activities than just eating. It's at the hub of the house. Often things get dumped on the kitchen table. Mail. Laptops. Gift wrap supplies. The list goes on and on. 

But today, maybe because it is grey and rainy outside, I cleared off the table and began making a neutral tablescape. I wanted the table to look pretty today. Simple, but pretty.

Nothing extra. Nothing fussy. 
Just simple farmhouse style.

I brought in two faux boxwoods with white-washed clay pots, and a couple of natural linen tea towels.

Then I added some white ceramic pumpkins.

Finally, I placed two black placemats on either end of the table since there are just the two of us most nights. Black is one of my kitchen neutrals.

The lighting is not the best for taking pictures today since it is so dark outside. I decided to try a few shots anyway with the overhead lights. 

Too yellow. Too glaring. Ok, lights off.

I tried the next couple of photos on a low light setting and from the other side of the table, next to the window. Better.

I picked up this cute set of tea towels 
(at Home Goods I think.)

HoHum. I was about ready to fold up this photo shoot until a day with more natural light. 

But, I did one more thing to try to make my tablescape photos successful. 
I wanted to try one more light source.

Surprise...these little pumpkins have battery powered lights inside. Yep, they came that way. They just look so cute! 

I will make some adjustments to this table and no doubt take another round of pics when I have better lighting, but I just wanted to go ahead and share my table, and cute white pumpkins.

The next pic is a secret. 
Don't tell where I have my stash of kisses! 
(If I eat a couple of kisses once in a while, 
it curbs my chocolate/sweet tooth. )

So, Here is my perfectly simple farmhouse table...with "surprise" lights! 

Thanks for visiting!

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