October 25, 2015

Just Being Lazy

Do you ever have lazy days?
Days when you are not really motivated to do anything and want to just slow down and cruise through the day? No plans. No agendas. That was me on Saturday. ha.

I did not do a bit of house work! Though I should have.

The one thing I did was go outside in the yard to appreciate all of the beauty around me. It is just beautiful here in south central Kentucky. 

I grabbed my camera and made a few quick snaps to show you what I am enjoying this fall. This is the view from my back porch...out back! ha.

I love living in the country where I can have views like this...and privacy that lets me go outside in my PJs to take pictures. 

All too soon these trees will be naked because the wind has been blowing today. There are more and more leaves on the ground with each day.

I need to pick up my pile of sticks. But maybe another day. I am not overly motivated on this gray day. It rained some earlier...and the ground is still wet.

Nature's beauty is amazing! 

I walked around to the front of the house to take a few pics too. I have one burning bush that is turning...and three that are still green. Hmmm.
What's going on with that?

This is the view from my front porch. I will have a peach orchard to watch across the way. I hope the man will sell some to his neighbors. My pots of geraniums have been beautiful since May...but their days are numbered I believe. We will have a cold snap one of these nights.

I like my house on the hill...and the whole neighborhood. It is such a peaceful place to live. Lots of foliage and nice neighbors.

My globes will stay green all winter. I prefer evergreens. Winter is so grey...and the evergreens give us some color until spring rolls around again. 

Last year's hard winter froze many of my plantings...but with careful pruning they are coming back. My boxwoods and holly suffered the most damage but they seem to be ok now.

Over the summer we finally brought the porch up to code. ha. When we bought the house the front was basically unfinished. No sidewalk. No plantings. No steps. No banister railings. 

Well, we finally got the banisters up. I was so afraid of someone falling coming up or down our steep front steps. But you know how it goes. Some things take time. 

I could not decide between painted white or wrought iron. So...for a couple years we did nothing after the sidewalk and steps were poured. I just waited for inspiration to strike me. ha. And it did. I went with traditional white railings. 

I have to rethink how to dress my front porch since I have the banister. It changes everything! I will wait for inspiration to strike me, again. ha.
Hubby has already asked me about how we are going to fix the porch for Christmas. I'm just not sure. ha. I will head to Southern Living or Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.

I did pinch a few spent blooms off of my mums. Now I have to wait for new ones to grow. 

I removed my fall wreath for a bit to try out my black cat, for Halloween.

I am not sure, but I have been thinking about adding this cat to a pine wreath. I will let you know. :-)

My Pretties...Have you all dusted off your brooms and black hats? There isn't much time now. :-)

Thanks for visiting!
And have a wonderful day.

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