October 2, 2015

Grab a Bowl and Decorate!

It is getting to be that time of the year...
the fall rush...
where I start looking ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas,  
and all that will entail in terms of decorating. 

I know. I know. 
It's only the first week of October! 
We have not even had Halloween. 
But I am a planner. A thinker. 
(Old teachers just keep on keeping on. ha!)

My body may be in one season but my brain is thinking of the next season. Consider it an illness. ha!

I gave you a quick peek at this bowl during my dining room reveal.
I want to go back and visit this bowl...
and the idea of bowls as decorating accessories.

So, let's chat about using bowls as a decorating accessories.

It does not matter what style of bowl you have, you can put favorite little items in it to decorate...depending on the season. 

If you have a large rustic pasta bowl you could put pine cones and natural elements in it.

If you have a large white serving bowl you might consider putting fresh cut greenery and pine cones in it, or maybe shiny Christmas balls in the colors of your kitchen. 

And include a white pitcher, and/or platter with the bowl to create a vignette. 

Let the style of your bowl influence what you put in it.

Here is one of my bowls. 
It is dressed for fall right now. 
But wait a few weeks and it might have shiny Christmas balls in it. 

Whatever I put in the bowl will have to agree 
with the size/scale and finish. 

I am soooo visual that if accessories fight each other I can't stand it. 
I have to regroup and start over. ha! 
And sometimes what I think will look great...won't. Ha!

I like this metal bowl because it reminds me of a silver Revere bowl. A more modern style perhaps, but it has the same sort of shape.

What are your thoughts? 
What would you put in it if it were yours? 

It is a heavy metal bowl with a gold wash.
As you can see I opted for sugared faux fruit this time. 
But, I may pop some plain pumpkins in it later.

When I bought this bowl at HL it was displayed with lots of glittery gold and black accessories. 

You may want to check back, as this bowl will take on a few looks over the next couple of months. 
I am challenging myself to see how many different looks I can make with this one bowl. ha!


Now, go pick out a bowl that you have...
and shop your house or yard for some filler.
I would love to see what you come up with!

Candy, cookies, muffins, or fresh fruit are default fillers of course... until you think of just the right decorative filler.

Bowls...everyone has them! 
So convert some of them to decorating accessories. 

If you have a dainty bowl, maybe line it with a pretty vintage hankie, or cloth napkin, and fill it with small collectibles.

And what about the bowls of teacups. 
Those are perfect for placing even smaller items in them. 

How about the tiny pine cones from floppy fir trees. 
You all get the idea. :-)

Here are a few bowls that I use!
All are different sizes, heights, and styles...and they are great to have around the house.

inexpensive porcelain bowls
a florist bowl

porcelain tureen 

Lenox alternative metal serving bowl

aluminum decorative bowl

Thanks for visiting!
Now, go grab a bowl decorate with it. ha!
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My Kentucky Living

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