September 27, 2015

The Upside Down Golden

I introduced you to CeeJay once before. He is another of the goldens in our family. 

His mom and dad are my brother and sister-in-law.

Cee Jay is the baby of his family, about nine years old.

CJ lost an older brother back a few months ago, and now his oldest brother, Casey, who is fourteen years old, is having some mobility issues due to a disk problem. Medication is helping big brother Casey have good days for now.

My brother sent this photo of Mr.CeeJay relaxing...upside down!

If you look closely you can see his mouth at the bottom of the picture, while his fluffy underneath is up top! 

How funny! How cute!

My sister-in-law is giving CJ, a therapy dog, some love therapy. 

Yes, CJ is a trained therapy dog...who goes to hospitals, and his local library where he participates in the Reading Paws program, where he sits attentively listening to children read to him. 

(CJ never interrupts or corrects his kids, like adults sometimes do. This way, he helps kids develop more confidence in reading out loud.)

When not hanging upside down at home...CJ has very important jobs. He spreads golden love (and fur) with children and others who need some "golden" love. 

Those of you who know the "golden" breed know that they are eternal three year old matter what their actual age. They are silly kids with big loving hearts!

CJ loves belly rubs!

After all of the belly rubs and love, 
CJ is ready to just relax and hang out on the sofa. 
It's a dog's life I tell you!

Here is CJ with his older brother Casey(L). 
They both love the lake and riding on their pontoon!

Since I do not have cute pics of Mikey to share with you, I thought you might enjoy seeing Mikey's young cousin CJ. 

Isn't he a cute ball of fur! 

I just may have found the title of my children's book...The Upside Down Golden! 

A sort of Trixie type book but where our family goldens tell "their" stories, to help other golden boys and girls. It's just an idea of mine.

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