September 22, 2015

The Dining Room Reveal

No, this pic isn't the's the "in progress." ha!

Our wool rugs have returned from their repair and cleaning...and are ready to take up residence in the house. (The red rug at the entry also went for a bath...and it is soft and fluffy too. It was at the entry of our Georgian house too.)

This post has max quality I hope the "load" time isn't too much. 

For the changing of rugs we had to empty the dining room, and roll up the indigo rug.

While a beautiful wool rug, it is really too large for the dining room, and the colors don't go as well as my nice black rug.

This indigo blue was in the dining room of the Georgian, which was a much larger room. 

After so much moving and rearranging...I have my dining room ready to show you...stage by stage. 

black wool oriental rug

Here is the black wool rug. It is soft and fluffy after its bath! I gave it the barefoot test. ha! 

Notice that there is hardwood flooring showing around the room. That is the proper way. I have read rules about how much floor to show...but that rule, I threw out the window. This is the room, and the rug is the size it is! ha! 

If one were having a rug custom made...then, look up the rules for rug sizes.

I was not able to center my rug right to left in this pic because I did not want the front of the china cabinet sitting on the rug. It was just too much trouble to move.

Lengthwise, the middle of the rug, table, and china cabinet are all centered on the chandelier.

brass light fixture

dining room updates

My black rug has many colors...and that is helpful for finding matching colors. The rug has a natural border, with green, rust, tan, gold, and little bits of blue. Just perfect for my house. I bought the rug several years ago...but I was using the same colors. 

Traditional chair and oriental rug

I picked out the grid fabric this summer to go with this rug and other colors in the house. That way I can move the chairs around...and they still go with the room.

dining room table

My floral arrangement has about all of the colors that my rug has.

Remember my tip about repeating colors in a room?

That is how I bring a room together.

I love the dining room so much better now that I have the old rug in place. It is interesting how one change can affect the feeling of a room.

dining table and chairs

Gold Bowl with Fruit, Still Life

I added this gold metal bowl, to go with the brass chandelier.  

A few fall fruits add more color.

I have saved these fruits over the years. I am not sure if "sugared" looking fruits are still in style, but I am using them, because, well, I have them in my stash. ha!

Gold Bowl with Fruit, Still Life

gold bowl

One other small change I made was to put a large blue and white ginger jar on the lowboy. It is kind of large for the tabletop, but I like the pop that it makes. This goes to show that sometimes just "trying a look" can prove us wrong on what we think.

dining table and chairs update

In our previous house I kept both leaves in the dining table all of the time. 

Here, I have no leaves in it. No room! 

We have thought that if we ever need the table to be much larger...we can turn it toward the entry and add the leaves. 

Maybe unusual, but a neighbor has the same situation, and she said that they just turn their table. And I thought, sure, why not? 

Friends and family wouldn't mind.  Afterall, you're feeding them. ha!

dining room, table, chairs, rug
My dining room is ready to usher in fall with cozy colors. I feel that the room is finished now. The draperies are up. The host and hostess chairs have been recovered. The rug has been repaired, cleaned, and rolled out. feels so good to be done. 

(oops...I noticed in this pic that I have not put my blue and white plates on top of the highboy. oops. By the time you read this I will probably have them back up there. ha!)

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