September 17, 2015

The Anniversary Party

For most of the summer you heard me mentioning 
my parents anniversary party that I was hosting. 
Well, I have some pictures to share with you today. :-)

I am slow in telling you all about the celebration...

but I wanted to wait until I had the pics that my uncle took. 

I set up two beverage in the kitchen and one on the back porch.

The kitchen beverage station...bottles of water were submerged into ice. 

Tea towels  were provided for wiping drips
I snapped a few  pics while I was setting up
...but after people began arriving I went into hostess mode and could not play photographer.

I added pretty tea towels so that people could wipe off their bottles of soft drinks. 

Our grand made a large sign for the front of the the old sticker was not visible. ha! 

I covered the tables on the back porch with easy care, throw in the wash tablecloths. 

A white cloth takes almost any table up a notch or two.

Tiered tray for cups and napkins.

Lemonade server... 

Our grand was appointed the beverage hostess, so she enjoyed mixing the lemonade and asking people what they wanted to drink. 
The kitchen was the nerve center of party you see messy countertops, etc. That's real life!

Trays, platters, bowls, napkins, etc were placed on the dining room table for an informal buffet of finger foods...except for the cake. 
It needed a fork!

smaller photos by my Uncle D.

Our caterer made a delicious cake! 

I asked for white wedding cake with vanilla buttercream icing.

She did not disappoint!

I may or may not have had a couple of extra little slices later on.

My uncle's photos were compressed or something so he could email excuse the fuzziness. I am showing them to you so that you get the general idea/view. 

Party decorations were kept keeping with a Sunday afternoon celebration.

We had sapphire stars and blue ribbon streamers on the table. 
(Sapphire for the 65th year anniversary.)

There were sapphire balloons here and there also.

We had the ceremonial cutting of the cake...
but it looks like mother did the actual cutting. ha!

I suggested that they opt for using a fork for serving each other. In their original wedding pic we see mother hand feeding dad a piece of cake. 

The bride and groom...65 years later. 
Happy and healthy and enjoying life. 
Being the eldest child of three 
I have always had "young" parents. 
And I still do! 

I asked my mother to bring old I set up my great grandmothers old table for picture display. 
There were mom and dad's college pics, old wedding pics, and other family pics through the years.

Here I am taking a quick break before everyone arrives. 
My uncle snapped this completely un-posed pic. He likes to sneak up on people.(funny guy!) 

But he has always been my fun uncle D...and my babysitter when I was a tot, so I will forgive him. ha!  He was a lot younger than my dad and lived nearby with my grandparents, his parents. 

Family mixing and mingling. 

Here they are two years ago at our daughter's wedding.

They are enjoying posing in front of our daughter's wedding cake. 

If you look very closely, you can see the bride and groom on top of the cake. 

They were on my parent's wedding cake in 1950. 

I bet my parents are wondering where the years have gone! too!

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