September 9, 2015

Taking A Second Look

I thought I would show you the details of my fall front door wreath today. 

You had a quick glimpse of it when I showed you my new black door paint a week or two ago. But in looking at the black door photos I decided maybe you might like to have a closer look at the wreath in case you want to try to recreate it for your door. 

 I know that some of you love to make wreaths. And this one is doable if you have a hot glue gun and a grape vine wreath.

This wreath uses a variety of faux grasses, stems of berries, fall leaves, and large autumnal flowers. 

Start by hot gluing several sprigs of faux grasses onto the wreath first. This creates a base. 

This wreath has the heaviest location of stems and such at the 1:00 position, with the bow at the 8:00 location. Imagine a clock face. 

I know that normally less is more. Not in this case.  In my humble opinion (ha!) more stuff makes the wreath better. When you think there is too much for your own taste...stop gluing.

Note: My wreath is on my front door, which gets the afternoon sun. Sometimes it gets hot enough that a hot glued stem will fall off. 

What I do when that happens is stick the stem inside of grape vine to hold tight... and then use fine wire to secure the stem. You can add another glob of hot glue also if you want to really secure the stem. 

Some of you may prefer to wire in all of your stems instead of using hot glue. It is your choice to do what you think is best for your selection of fall stems. Just enjoy and make your wreath to suit yourself.

Attach a wired ribbon of your choice. Last year I used some orange burlap ribbon with no wire. My bow loops just drooped! It was a really sad looking bow. Now I stick to wired ribbon for my bows. 

I also added a couple of glitter pumpkin picks found at Dollar General. Gotta love the dollar store!

I will have another grape vine wreath for you later. I picked up some items to make a Halloween themed wreath. Fingers crossed that I can make it look creepy, and cute, at the same time. ha!

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