September 2, 2015

Practice Kindness

I try to be kind every day whether I am out and about town or just at home. But there are some days that maybe I could be kinder to others. 

Just an extra ten seconds in some cases is all the time we need to be kind to someone. It can be a smile...or or just understanding.

And what a transition to my saying again how nice the home and garden blogging world is to one another. I am no longer a newbie, but I am still making new blog friends. I love it. 

I get encouragement from many of you...just by your reading my little bits of information, and also from the little notes you leave me. It means more than I can tell you. 

So on this occasion I thought I would get sappy sweet and tell you all how much you mean to me. 

I have had wonderful "chats" with so many of you via email. And that takes our friendship to another level. We are all so much alike on the inside. 

We live in different locations, in different styles of homes, and have lived such different lives. Yet, when one peels back the layers we are all humans, with the same general worries, fears, joys, and desires. 

We need companionship. We need friends... because we are social animals. (I don't mean as in party animals.ha.) We need friends who help to validate that we are likable. Some of us may be more social than others...but it is our fate to be social because it is in our dna maybe. 

I once thought that I could go and live on Walden's Pond and be just fine. Oh those grad school days are long ago. 

 As I have grown older, and wiser, I have come to realize that I really do need friends. I need the chattiness of my friends. I need the one line retorts to a joke in an email. I need the sweet kindness of friends in good times and bad. I need the hugs from good friends whom I have not seen in a long time. 

And now...I  need my sweet blog friends. Yes, you have been added to my circle of friends. 

Our blog friendships are not just flash in the pan junior high school friendships. I have been chatting with some of you for a couple of years now! And I love it!

And on that note let me tell you about a recent kindness that came my way. 

I was on the receiving end of kindness from Kathryn at The Dedicated House. She was having a give-away of some Mary and Martha products. They are really, really I thought I would register. Surprise. Surprise. I won.

I won a pizza board and a three tiered server. They are gorgeous and well made. 

Love at first sight I have to tell you. 

I love the wording on the product tags...
Meaningful Entertaining Made Simple

How great is that. Meaningful Entertaining. Made Simple. I love it. 

I am showing you the three tiered server first. It is so cool.  The server has three wooden shelves, and three baskets. You can use whichever you need. 

I have already used the wood shelves to hold small cups and napkins at my parent's recent party.  

This evening I switched to the three baskets. 

I have to tell you...I can see using this server so many ways. I am thinking small pumpkins for the fall, and then greenery and ornaments for Christmas time. 

This piece will challenge me to be creative for sure. I will share pics with you sweet friends! 

Thank you so much for your Kindness Kathryn!
I am truly touched.

Each basket has a tag with a suggestion/request. 

Practice Kindness. 
Say Grace. 
Give Thanks. 

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